Chasing Productivity: Find the Right Project Management Software for your Business

According to the PwC survey, 97% of organizations believe that project management is critical to business performance and organization’s success.

You try your best to keep track of your team and the projects. But, let’s be honest! More often than not, it seems like you are chasing your tail. Many a time, important messages get missed, or the information gets lost, and as a result, you are always slogging and sliding after the deadline.

Anyone with experience in the industry will know that a good project management system that either makes or breaks a project.

Project management software is used in about 77% of the high-performing projects. But, as per Wellingtone’s survey, only 22% of organizations adopt project management software.

Convincing the entire team to keep glued to a single project management solution is quiet challenging. However, hunting for the right project management tool is a challenge in itself. Finding a solution with powerful features that you require and getting a thumb up from your co-workers is an intimidating task.

Here’s how you can find the right project management solution for your business and chase productivity.

1. Analyze the Collaboration Features

The foremost question that you must have while choosing an optimal solution for your project management is, “will this tool give my team the flexibility to work together?”

Since the whole team is going to use the project management system you are looking for, it should be collaboration-friendly. It is always advisable to choose something that complements how your team communicates presently. This can help you a lot. You can even test the collaborative features of the tool you like with a small group in your team.

Another considerable part of collaboration is transparency. The tool should encourage employee openness and engagement so that employees can chip in their suggestions and opinions, and also share their subject knowledge.

2. Justify the Cost of the Tool

While you are implementing a project management system for your company, it will cost you a lot of money as well as time. But, deploying the right solution can make your project exponentially easier.

So, before you dive into a final decision, justify the cost and time you spend on it. To ensure that you deploy the right tool, consider the following:

  • Check the landscapes of the product.
  • Go for freemium products that allow testing it without any up-front commitment.
  • Determine if the tool will automate a part of your workflow and make tasks easier.
  • Consider the setup time to implement it.

3. Collect your team’s feedback

It is always advisable to collect feedback from your team when testing a new tool. Let them use it exclusively for a couple of days and gauge if it is better than what they were using previously. If yes, you can move ahead with it and if not, try another alternative.

Get to know from your team whether the tool is feasible for daily use, if it fits their regular workflow, and helps them easily achieve the set goals. Based on this, re-evaluate your decision.

4. Figure out the Implementation Plan

It is essential to draw up a plan as to how you will implement the new project management software into your daily task list. Determine the extent of training each employee using it will require. For example, if they need to sign up and reply to the comments, provide only that much training. Later, when they have a knack for it, they can start exploring the system. Once you implement the system, make sure you have the tools to execute it well.

Though the issues faced in managing the clients may be similar, the solutions to it may depend on an individual’s needs. Keep the above points in mind while hunting a project management system for your business and be assured of chasing productivity.

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