Characteristics of Highly Admired Business Leaders

admired business leaderA leader, according to one definition found on the Internet, is a person who provides positive and creative influence on and in the service of others. Following our chosen definition and limiting it to business, therefore, business leaders are supposed to affect positively their company, organization or team, helping create results that are deemed positive by all stakeholders. A business team needs a leader, and a leader can do very little without the help of his or her team. It is a relationship that deeply depends on each other to be at their best for all to be completely successful.

Characteristics of Admired Business Leaders

Successful businesses are usually led by great business leaders, that are also usually admired by their team. These leaders are admired because they possess certain traits or characteristics that motivate everyone to always give their best. Below are seven of the more common characteristics of leaders that always have their team’s support.

1. Create a sense of purpose

Admired business leaders create in their team a sense of purpose. The leader does not stop in creating a company that he or she believes would improve other people’s lives. The leader goes one step further by showing a sense of commitment and getting the team believe in the same cause and getting them excited to work for a higher purpose.

2. Communicate your goals and objectives

They communicate business goals and objectives clearly. The admired business leader can explain in the most understandable way to everyone what it is they are trying to achieve. The leader can also expound on the subject such that he or she can describe not only the goals but also the challenges the whole team will face.

3. Establish strategic leadership

After communicating the goals and challenges, he or she establishes strategic leadership by creating a plan as well as communicating clearly high yet achievable expectations from the team. The leader defines tasks and sets deadlines that help reach goals and also helps the team to grow professionally.

4. Encourage innovation

Admired business leaders encourage innovation. They embolden their team to come up with innovative ideas to solve complicated problems. A great leader reassures his or her team that people will make mistakes while testing new approaches. And when someone comes up with a great idea, leaders will support it until it is brought to reality.

5. Build strong team commitment

They build a strong team commitment by showing real interest and sincere caring for each member of the team. The leader regularly has conversation with the team to let them know that he or she values their contribution. Moreover, the leader should give their team opportunities for personal development, that as their contribution becomes more significant, they also become more capable and valuable.

6. Enhance team collaboration

Aside from strengthening the relationship between leader and team member, the leader should also enhance team collaboration. They make sure that everyone understands their own role and is integrated to the whole team. By providing them tools and infrastructure to enhance collaboration, each member knows where to turn for help and guidance, how to find information and share ideas.

7. Have a complete overview of your business

Admired business leaders have a complete overview of their business. They are constantly aware of its overall performance. With the help of business automation and project management software, they can spot areas that need adjustment, make informed decisions, streamline existing processes, track project performance, and monitor budget and other important metrics. These leaders have a full understanding of business data and keeps the team updated.


In sum, admired business leaders believe in the purpose of their company, and they can impart it with the team in clear goals and objectives. They are genuinely concerned and supportive of their team and their growth. They can show that they are aware of the business’s performance and status, and are eager and prepared to continue leading it.

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