Change as an opportunity

While talking to one of the sales managers at Oracle Corporation, I have been introduced to the attitude of dealing with change as an opportunity! We always hear of the management asking the leads and the team members to treat change as an opportunity. But how many of us actually believe in it? Change most of often is equated with “pain “.

Any project manager would agree dealing with change and getting the team to adapt to the change is a crucial factor which can affect the success of any project large or small. Dealing with change and tapping it as a potential opportunity for growth requires the right attitude. When most of the team would come out with the reasons why the potential change is not suitable, the one person in the team who would start using the changed process would be the model employee.

Change in any organization essentially involves one of the three types:

  • Process Change: The objective here is to streamline the business process and make them efficient so as to reduce the costs while improving quality. In this case if one adapts to the changed processes with an open mind, they would be in a good position to show measurable benefits.
  • Structural Change: This involves organizational restructuring, change in the reporting structure, etc. These changes might not usually affect the team and are mostly pertinent to the top management.
  • Cultural Change: The reason for the change might be in the way of doing business ‚Äì product centric to customer centric or a change in the organizational approach etc. Adhering to the new way of things once again would help the individual be the mascot of the cultural change, thus getting the management’s approval.

A very prominent consulting company in its survey has found that there is an almost 66% chance for the failure of a change project. The main reason for this high rate of failure is the antagonism of the people involved about the change. To ensure that the change project is a success the organization needs to work on the employees’ attitude and approach the project in a consultative approach. This would help the employees to see the change as an opportunity to succeed, to make an impact.

To implement change it is important to have the right leadership team leading the change project. They should be able communicate clearly and have the analytical skills so as to highlight how the change would be beneficial to the team or organization at large. The change needs to be showcased as an opportunity so that it can be accepted easily.

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