Celoxis v10 – Better Work Management and Collaboration

Celoxis-Logo-VectorCeloxis, the all-in-one online project management software, has released version 10 earlier this month. The comprehensive project management software for enterprises announced a focus on improving work management and collaboration functionality for the latest release. As a productivity application, the PPM software is constantly providing its customers the experience and benefit of value to their organization in whatever business they are engaged in. The latest version includes new features for organizing data in specific views, for centralizing incoming information, directing communication, and more.


Celoxis version 10 now includes Views, a quick way to see and manage different projects, tasks, time entries, expenses, issues and other work items. Each object will have its associated view, which allows users to quickly segment work items and work on them specifically.


The latest version 10 also now has new looking badges or colored boxes that replaced the older colored dots or traffic light indicators. Previously up to v9.6, status is usually indicated by a colored dot beside a text description of the status. Now, status or states such as on track, off track, approved or pending approval are displayed in boxes with colored borders and text inside.

celoxis v10 time log badges

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Notification Center

Celoxis project management software is enhancing its collaboration capability with several communication improvements. One of them is a demanded feature that allows users to view all notifications inside the application. The new Notification Center pools all incoming messages such as a new work assignment, a modification to a work item, or an update to conversations and discussions into one place that is easy to glance.

celoxis v10 notification center


In this age of social media and unabating flow of information, people’s attention sometimes need to be directly addressed. The @mention feature is now available in Celoxis version 10 so that teammates names can be directly mentioned and make sure message is sent across confidently.

celoxis v10 mentions

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Performance and Usability Improvements

Celoxis comprehensive project and portfolio management software also included in the latest release several usability enhancements for ease of use. This includes a faster reports rendering engine with improved HTML, AJAX and CSS changes to enhance the rendering of reports creating simple but beautiful end products. A Clear filters option has been added to gracefully clear all filter values. New UI design elements now also improves readability.

celoxis v10 bar chart

Minor v9.6 Release

Celoxis version 10 is the latest release available to users. Prior to its release, a minor v9.6 was released last March with several features still present and worth mentioning. Customizable project states allow users to customize pre-defined project states (phases) or create their own that reflect and respond with their own lifecycle. Users can bulk edit or edit multiple time logs simultaneously.

celoxis v9-6 bulk edit

Clients are now able to initiate discussions, and a system warning now appears when a user tries to navigate away from timesheet with unsaved changes. Infrastructure improvements also result in performance boost and code security. The latest browser from Microsoft, Edge, is now also supported. To get the latest information about Celoxis project management software, please visit also their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

celoxis v10 edge browser support

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