Calendar Improvements in Basecamp

basecamp-logoThe latest Basecamp updates are concentrated on the calendar feature. The scheduling of events is a very important function in any project. The improvements to the Basecamp calendar will certainly help users to effectively and efficiently schedule and manage events and activities for greater productivity. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend

Improved Project Calendar

Every project now has a month-by-month calendar assigned to it. This allows for easy reviewing, and rescheduling of events where necessary. The project calendar can be accessed by simply clicking on the events link on the toolbar within the project view. From this link, events can be rearranged, added and rescheduled similar to the main calendar page.


Agenda View

Users can easily view upcoming events and activities with the new agenda view which has been added to all calendars. This view includes events and to–dos along with due dates, and is easily accessible by the agenda link at the top of each calendar page.


Add People with Ease

By simply typing in email addresses or names, users can inform all the relevant persons about an event. Basecamp automatically sends an email which contains the necessary information to each recipient. This feature is flexible as recipients do not need to be on the users Basecamp account to receive an email with the event information.


Flexible Reminder Times

Basecamp users can now choose the date and time on which they would like an email reminder to be sent. Options range from two days before the event, to the day of the event, and the preferred time of day may then be chosen. Each person that has been added to the event will receive an email reminder.


Automatic Rescheduled Event Notification

If it becomes necessary to reschedule an event, Basecamp will automatically send an email to recipients for that event when the change is made in the calendar. This feature has a five minutes delay built into it to prevent a flood of emails in the event that the user erroneously entered the wrong reschedule date and has to do a further reschedule.


Option to Start your Week on Monday

Users now have the flexibility of starting the week on Monday instead of Sunday within their calendars. This can be done by opening the ‚ÄòMe page’ then selecting ‚ÄòMy Basecamp settings’ link which is on the right. The option may then be activated under the calendar options by simply checking the box for the ‚Äòshow Monday as the first day of the week’ option.


Some Extras

The updates include some nice features, like a wider calendar which provides more space for events, and a colored background for single day events instead of bullet points. Additionally, users can set custom event reminders and loop in people via a phone. Stay updated by following Basecamp on Twitter and Facebook.

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