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business analysts mentor book coverBusiness Analyst’s Mentor Book: With Best Practice Business Analysis Techniques is a very descriptive title of what the book is about. The title summarizes the content and gives the reader a clear idea of what is in store for them. People interested in pursuing a career in business analysis, in developing effective skills, and in applying proven techniques will find this book very educational and practical. The inclusion of real-life examples makes it easy to understand and apply, providing the answers to the usual questions that every business analyst has.

Book Details

The paperback edition was self-published by the author in July 2013. It has 106 pages and is about 0.2 inch thick. The front cover has a white background. The title is placed at the upper part while the subtitle and the author’s name are in the lower part. In between is an illustration of a tree diagram that presents the topics related to having a business analysis career. ISBN-10: 6058603714; ISBN-13: 978-6058603714


$8.96 for the book edition and $6.95 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

Business Analyst’s Mentor Book is for new and experienced business analysts, project managers, system analysts and other IT professionals who want to develop effective business analysis skills. It is for those who want to understand better the role of business analysts, its relation to project management, and the part it plays in the different phases of software development.

What Customers Say

Pawe Zubkiewics described Business Analyst’s Mentor Book as well summarized in its discussion of the many aspects of BA work. Even experts will be refreshed and confirm that their views and methods are still valid. The reader though was hoping for more source references and more elaboration in general.

Reader Ismail recommended the book to both IT and business people as it contains very relevant practical information that will certainly ease a BA’s life.

Amazon customer jc stated that the very relevant and informative book suits people that are shifting to have a business analyst career.

Content, Approach, Style

Business Analyst’s Mentor Book is divided into 27 short chapters or sections. Each chapter is in the form of a question which that chapter tries to provide the answers. For instance, Chapter 1 asks which skills are important for a successful career in business analysis. Some of the tips that the author recommended are learning to speak with professional jargon and keeping one’s learning curve always upward. Chapter 2 answers what technical level skills should a business analyst have; Chapter 3 shares insights whether taking the business analyst role is a good career choice, and so on.

The book gives direct answers to each chapter title question, and the answers are presented in short readable paragraphs. In cases of multiple answers, each answer or topic is divided by sub headers. There are also examples of real-case scenarios, which further clarify the answer and make them more applicable and practical. Sentences are of good length, and language is easy to understand, although some IT and business words understandably are used regularly.

Why Buy the Book

Business Analyst’s Mentor Book is a very informational and practical book for both newcomers and experienced business analysts. At a very affordable price, the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by the author gives it much value for money. Incidentally, the book ranks #1 in Amazon’s Best Sellers in the Methodology – Software Engineering category and in the top 5 in the Systems Analysis and Design – Computer Science category.

Books that Complement

Business Analysis for Dummies also covers principles and techniques with practical examples for a wide audience.

The IIBA’s BABOK Guide is the main reference of BA standards and best practices, and especially helpful for those preparing for certification.


Emrah Yayici graduated from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara with Industrial Engineering and International Economics degrees. He started as a management and technical consultant for an international firm. He was the strategic planning manager in several enterprise projects with global implementations at a large electronics firm. At present, he is a managing partner at Keytorc Software Testing Services and was a former board member of the International Software Testing Board. He is also a managing partner at BA-Works Business Analysis Services and president of the IIBA Turkey Chapter. He is also a managing partner at UXservices, a user experience consulting and design firm, a board member of the UXPA Istanbul Chapter, and author of two other books.

$8.96 for the book edition and $6.95 for the Kindle edition


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