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Bridge24 LogoTrello is an online productivity tool that can be accessed using a web browser, a desktop application, or a mobile application. The easiest way to access it is through a web browser, without the need to download any other software. Modern browsers from Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Apple are supported and recommended to be used in accessing Trello. However, in February 2019, Trello announced that it would no longer be supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11. Later on, it also announced that as of March 31, 2019, new versions of Trello are incompatible with Internet Explorer 11. Bridge24 for Trello is fully compatible with IE11.

The Final IE Version

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is said to be the final version of the Internet Explorer web browsers. Microsoft is now establishing Edge as the default browser in its latest versions of Windows operating systems. According to a March 2019 report on total browser market share, about 2.37 percent of users still use IE11.

Impact on Trello Users

The recent announcement of Trello regarding its discontinued support for Internet Explorer 11 can have a significant impact to some of its users. IE11 users in the middle of a project may be affected and can face issues in how they are tracking, managing, and executing their work. For some, downloading desktop apps may not be allowed, and using mobile apps only may not be sufficient. Switching to another browser in the middle of a project will have its own challenges and issues.

A Temporary Solution

As a temporary solution, Trello recommends that IE11 users can switch to an older Trello version that is known to be compatible with Internet Explorer 11. However, the browser can only stay for 30 days on this older Trello version. Furthermore, users will continue to see a nagging banner saying that support for IE11 is ending. It has been announced that extended support for IE11 ends on July 1, 2019. They are recommending that users upgrade to a compatible browser ASAP.

Trello’s temporary solution is just that: temporary. But what if users are in the middle of an important project that will last beyond July 2019, up to the end of the year, for example? What if they need the latest version of Trello because of an important feature that affects their output, their productivity, or even their business with their clients? And what if using Internet Explorer is the only acceptable browser for this project, because switching to another can pose problems with signed agreements, contracts, and even other systems?

The Bridge24 Solution

Bridge24 offers a true solution where Trello users can continue to use Internet Explorer 11 and still experience the performance and features of the latest Trello version. Bridge24 for Trello is fully compatible with IE11. With their existing browser, Trello users can access their boards and sync in real time both ways, without having to download any new software. Not only will users have access to the latest Trello version, they also gain additional enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities not offered by default.

Aside from having an additional Grid View where they can filter, sort, group, and search cards, they also have access to interactive charts, where they can stack charts, use different chart types, drill down on a segment, and export in PDF. They can use predefined reports based on filtered cards, use advanced reporting with 2 level grouping, and export in multiple formats. IE11 users of Trello can also export cards and card history to CSV and Excel formats, and more. And Bridge24 supports major browsers if you decide that the right time to upgrade your browser has come, with zero to minimal impact on your existing projects and business. To learn more, follow Bridge24 also on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


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