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In September this year, Bridge24 gave us some hints of what to expect in the coming days as they completed their summer 2017 updates. Since then, more news about great features have come our way. Users now experience enhanced grid views, improved loadings, avatars in treeviews, and significant back-end fine tunings. This powerful add-on is also now officially recognized by Asana and Trello in their own integration pages. Now, another major feature has been made available: Task History/Activity Stream.

Introducing Task History (Activity Stream)

Task History/Activity Stream is available to all users with connected accounts to Asana, Trello, Basecamp or AceProject. Now, they have access to project and task history of their project data. This will allow them to answer many important questions about events and actions that have taken place in their project. Depending on a user’s connected PM tool, they can review their Asana task story, their Basecamp or Trello activity stream history, or their AceProject task history.

Making Use of Task History

Bridge24 Task History is useful for investigating and verifying important aspects of the project. For example, users can make use of Task History to review accountability, and check if a task assigned last week to a team member has been completed. It can be used to verify all actions taken on a particular day, and check who made the changes and on what time. Users can also use it to investigate performance. Other use cases are for creating reports, such as listing all activities related to a project or projects by as specific date range, or listing all events that occurred over the duration of a task. It can also be used to collect statistics.

Monitoring Events

Task History can be used to monitor events, although differences exist in events among PM tool providers. But more or less, status changes can be monitored such as when a task status changes from “In progress ” to “Completed. ” The dates when a task is created or modified is also an event that can be monitored. Other events are during assignments of tasks to a user and its date, when documents are uploaded or deleted, time/dates when names are changed, cards are archived, and other events.

How to Access History

Users can easily access Bridge24 Task History in several ways. They can use the drop-down menu from the Edit task panel to open the task history of a specific task. Another way is to click the drop-down arrow under each project in the treeview to access the Project History for all tasks (except Asana). Also, for tasks listed in the grid view, users can select the drop-down action menu to access the History for displayed tasks. This is possible with all PM tool providers.

Filters Available

After users display the task histories, they can use filters and groupings to show the exact information they are looking for. They can use the date filter and show only information for a specific date or date range. They can also filter down to the assigned user, and specific events. For very specific task history information, users can use the ‘Search within’ textbox.

More Exciting Features Coming Soon

Task History is a powerful feature that adds even more flexibility to the dynamic features of this complementary application. The ability to export task history will be available in the near future. Bridge24 now also sports a new logo, as it represents the continuing evolution of the application. To know more about new features and other announcements, visit also their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page. Better yet, try Bridge24 now.

Original post: Task History/Activity Stream for Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject

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