Bridge24 Releases Advanced Reports with Custom Fields for Asana and Trello

Bridge24 application provides enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities to users of popular PM tools such Asana, Trello, and Basecamp 3. Its latest release addresses one of the most frequent customer requests, and that is the ability to add more columns to reports and to support custom fields. Indeed, a number of requests were made asking for more customizations of reports, such as for output to PDF and Excel, and others. Now, advanced reports with custom fields has arrived for Asana and Trello.

Flexible Reports for Asana and Trello

The latest Bridge24 August release brings a major update for its Asana and Trello report integration. Users now have 2-level grouping, allowing them to group twice one level after another. This means they can group by project and assignee, or by board and member, and other combinations. They can also now indent subtasks down to 5 levels for Asana. Trello users can now include checklists in their reports. Furthermore, they can add up to 4 more fields of their choosing to be included in their reports.

How to customize Reports

The new reporting features included in the latest release is easily accessible and configurable. Users simply need to select their parameters to generate the desired output in their reports. For the 2-level grouping, they need to select their first level or top level grouping. Next is to then select the second level grouping, providing more filtering to classify or group by the included data.

For Asana users, they can select the number of subtask levels they want to include in their report. They can choose up to a maximum of 5. They can also select “None ” if they choose to not include any subtask. For Trello users, they can simply select the “Display checklists’ option to include checklists from their cards into their reports.

This Bridge24 update allows users to select 4 additional columns to add in their report in addition to the Task name column. They can select which columns to add in the popup window, and these will be present in the report. Custom field columns can be included and selected as displayed below. There is also a filter ‚ÄòStatus to exclude’ that provides users an additional option. For example, they can choose to exclude tasks that have a status of archived, completed or exclude tasks with an open status.

Powerful Export Tool

Being able to customize reports is an important capability. It enables users to get the most relevant data in a format that is meaningful and immediately useful. It provides users the needed information to help them make timely decisions for their projects, business, and organization. Another important capability is to be able to export these reports in formats such as PDF or Excel or print them in hardcopy. This flexibility allows users to share information to all stakeholders in various standard, acceptable, and preferred formats.

Other Enhancements, Improvements

This latest Bridge24 release also included some under-the-hood optimizations for all the four providers. The application is now able to fetch data from connected apps in more optimized way. It also includes fixes to issues related to all four PM providers.

Do you need something else, something more?

Aside from enhanced reporting and exporting features, the Bridge24 team also offers custom development services for more specific reporting or exporting requirements. They can also be contacted at [email protected] for any needs, ideas or feedback, and they will be happy to listen. To learn more about its reporting and exporting tools, new features, services, or other integration announcements, check also their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube page. Or why not try Bridge24 now for free.

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