Bridge24 Now Builds Interactive Charts for Trello

Among the many web-based productivity apps, Trello is popular as a project tracking and collaboration tool. It enables users to collaborate centrally on their project information with a system of boards and cards. Organizing work and creating a process flow is accomplished with simple drag and drop. Obtaining useful and practical information through reports, however, is not so simple. In reality, people have to use Power-Ups and other app integrations just to create reports they need essentially for their projects and business. Bridge24 brings the solution for creating and exporting powerful charts and card lists.

Charts – Overview and Details in an Instant

Charts provide individuals and teams a quick visual representation of the big picture in a board (or boards), as well as the details of the distribution of cards. It removes the time-consuming activity of going through lists of cards or using extensive filtering and searching just to get important information. Instead, charts provide the viewer helpful and functional information all from a graphical object that can be understood easily. Furthermore, this chart can be easily exported and shared to other team members, managers, and other stakeholders, allowing a greater number of people to view, analyze, and make informed decisions in a short span of time.

Bridge24 Charts for Trello

Bridge24 enables Trello users to connect dynamically to their PM app and create interactive reports in just a few steps. The chart information provide important context relative to the current cards displayed or from a board or filter result. If they wish to include archived cards, all they have to do is to create a filter and include the ‚ÄòArchived’ status. Also, they can create charts that span across boards. With the use of filters, they can arrive at a desired list, and by clicking the Charts menu item in the header area, they can select the ‚ÄòCharts for displayed cards.’ They will then be able to view the predefined charts.

Supported Chart Types

Users can choose different interactive charts to represent information for their Trello reports. Among the choices are Pie chart, doughnut, polar, horizontal bar, and vertical bar charts.

Example: Vertical Bar Chart

Here is an example of a vertical bar chart that represents all cards from all boards. Additional explanation are provided below for points A to H.

  • Point A at the top right is the dropdown that allows the user to change between chart types.
  • Point B at the top left shows the location of the Move icon to enable the user to drag the chart for repositioning.
  • Point C at the bottom left is the where the icon to hide the chart is located.
  • Point D shows the dropdown on the top that retrieves or displays the chart.
  • Point E shows the sliders that controls the size and number of columns.
  • Point F indicates the icon that shows or hides the legend of the chart.
  • Point G at the bottom right area is the icon that exports the chart, and possibly the associated card list, into PDF, and
  • Point H shows the area of the interactive legend, where clicking on a legend segment will hide or display the associated card’s usage shown in the chart.

Chart Drilldown

The interactive charts in Bridge24 will also display the associated (filtered) card list when the user clicks on any segment displayed in the chart. Therefore, if they want to drill down on the specific card, they can click on the link that represents a card, and the Edit panel will open. From there, they can view or update the information on the card. Another option to open the filtered list is by clicking the ‚ÄòOpen in grid’ button at the bottom. The card list will then be opened for viewing or editing in the Power Grid view.

Chart and Card List Export Feature

Aside from the powerful interactive charts that can be viewed, users can also make use of the export feature to create PDF reports. The formatted PDF reports include the charts, and optionally, the list of associated cards by segment, too.

For more information about the Charts module, and other new features and product announcements, check them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube. You can also try Bridge24 now for free.

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