Bridge24 Now An Officially Recognized Asana and Trello Add-on

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 project management software add-on is now officially recognized by Asana and Trello. After years of providing an innovative and powerful solution to address feature gaps in popular PM applications, it has now been recognized by these providers as a quality and valuable solution to extend their software’s functionality. And it did not happen overnight. Bridge24 went through a lengthy submission process. It was tested for its quality and value to users. At the end of the process, it has been accepted and is now featured in both their App Integrations directories.

Asana App Integration

Asana helps teams collaborate on projects and track their work together better. But it also follows its own product roadmap that helps them stay true to their founding principles. This means it cannot accommodate and include each and every user request for their software. To solve this, it integrates with many tools and applications that people already use for work. Now, the Asana App Integration page includes Bridge24 with details in how to connect it.


To be included among the applications that Asana integrates with, Bridge24 went through the process of formal submission. Details of the integration and positioning were provided. Communications were established to provide additional requests for information and answer all their questions. Next, it was tested internally to see if the add-on meets their quality standards and confirm the value of its usage. At the end of this lengthy process, Bridge24 was accepted and classified under the Reporting category for its excellent way of dynamically displaying and filtering Asana task information. In truth, the add-on can also update task information, export any view, and more.

Trello App Integration

Trello is a popular visual application for task and workflow management. It is reportedly being used by millions of users. To get included in its integrations area, Bridge24 went through a rigorous process similar to that of Asana’s. The end result though is positively similar. The powerful add-on has been classified as a reporting application. Trello users can easily create flexible views of their cards across boards. They can display it in a flexible grid view as well as other view modes.

Other Integrations

Bridge24 also integrates with other PM providers such as AceProject, a powerful yet affordable project management and tracking application. For some time now, Bridge24 has been mentioned in their Tour Page.

Bridge24 also integrates with Basecamp version 2, but its store is no longer accessible. Therefore, efforts for the submission of the app is now ongoing for the latest version Basecamp 3. After a series of exchanges, the Basecamp team supports the intention and continuing efforts of Bridge24 to work and finalize its compatibility with Basecamp 3 in the next few months.

Bridge24 project management software add-on has come a long way, and is now being recognized for its features, usability and value to users. Try Bridge24 now, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages for the latest announcements.

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