Bridge24 – New Charting Options for Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject

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Bridge24 is introducing a number of new enhancements in their latest release. These past months, interactive charts have been made available for users of this enhanced reporting and exporting tool. Charts provide information at a glance, a visual overview, for example, of the status or progress of tasks or projects. It is a flexible representation of user data grouped visually, providing users a more accurate assessment or estimate, to help them make informed decisions. Now, more charting options are available in Bridge24 for Asana, Basecamp, Trello and AceProject.  

New Chart Stacking Feature

The latest release now features chart stacking, or the ability to stack or display 2 variables in the same chart. Simply choose the ‚ÄòStack by’ option from the menu, and select the desired variable. A use case for this feature is when users want to display all tasks by Project, and at the same time display or stack the same tasks by Tag or Assignee. Thus, they are able to see a grouping of information, but also correlate the information based on 2 variables. Aside from getting an overview, they are able to drill down by category and subcategory by clicking on the particular chart column. Furthermore, they can choose to open in Grid view for detailed analysis or to export the data.

Bridge24 Charts Stacked

More Flexible Sorting Feature

Bridge24 is a versatile software that allows users more options in how they can look at their data. After applying filters, and generating the chart, they can now modify further how data is displayed in the legend and chart. From the menu on the top right of the chart, they can choose ‚ÄòSort by’. They now have the option to sort the displayed chart values by Name alphabetically in an ascending or descending order, or sort by Quantity in an ascending (increasing) or descending (decreasing) order. An application for this is to sort alphabetically the name of Assignees stacked together with tasks, or sort by quantity of each stacked value.

Bridge24 Chart Sorting Options

Access Data through Charts Easily

Bridge24 connects dynamically to supported project management applications. Update to data is synchronized in real time for both ways. With its powerful and flexible views and reports, users are able to extract greater value from their data. The latest enhancements enable them to connect to their PM app provider, use various advanced filters, and display a variety of charts that best represent the information they are looking for from their data. They can now access a greater number of options to display their charts by going to the menu on the top right of any vertical or horizontal bar chart.

Bridge24 Chart Options Menu

Other Enhancements

The latest update of Bridge24 now also provides users the capability to modify the title and axis names of the charts, especially for reporting purposes. After editing, they can quickly export the finalized chart to PDF format, and share it easily to the rest of the project team and other stakeholders.

Get A New Perspective

Bridge24, now with interactive charts and more charting options, provide users new abilities and perspective in how they can view and interact with their project data. The numerous views and the ease of use to switch from one view to another help people gain greater efficiency in accomplishing their tasks. To learn more of new features and the latest product announcements, check also their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube page. Or simply try Bridge24 now for free! Original post: New Charting Options in Bridge24 for Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject

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