Bridge24 Launches New Website, Support for Asana Start Date, and more

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 brings enhanced reporting and exporting features to your favorite online project management applications. With seamless one-click connection, users are able to add powerful views and manipulate data with ease in their Asana, AceProject, Trello and Basecamp projects. As more and more people take advantage of the benefits of using Bridge24, the team behind this powerful add-on has also been taking more input and feedback from customers. For instance, a new website is now ready to serve more customers. In addition, support for Asana start date, and better Excel exports, are among the new features.

New Bridge24 Website

Bridge24 started with the goal of bridging the feature gap that was noticeable in many project management applications. Over the years, it has made it easier for users of these apps to find the features that were missing and not given priority. And as the features were added, the add-on not only become a solid and reliable companion to these PM providers, but has also launched itself to new heights!

Similarly, the new website has been revamped to display a more light and airy feel. Users will now have a matching experience similar to when they are using the application. Visiting the website, one can easily perceive a clearer and more straightforward message being delivered especially to new users.

Asana Start Date Now Supported

The latest release also supports a feature available to Asana Premium subscribers. In October last year, the PM provider announced the availability of adding start dates to task for its Premium customers. This is a recent addition, since the priority was the ability to track tasks and their due dates. For Bridge24 users who use an Asana Premium workspace, they can now see an active Start Date field. Therefore, they will be able to access this field, as well as use it in reports and include it in exports as they appear in the grid, board and calendar views.

Excel Task Export Enhanced

Also included in the latest version are new exporting features. Most PM app providers have some sort of importing feature to get project data in the application. But very few, if any, provided a way to get project data out. Since the beginning, Bridge24 has given users an easy way to export their data in common CSV and Excel formats.

Over the years, the ability to retrieve data into convenient exported formats has even included information such as comments, custom fields and task history. Taking in user requests, Excel export files now have frozen first rows. In addition, auto-filter has been activated on top of each column. This allows for easy filtering without the user having to activate it by themselves. Furthermore, exporting in Excel now has better support for a variety of date and numeric formats.

Additional Exciting Features for 2018

2017 was a banner year. A great many things happened for Bridge24, and a great many things are planned for this year. To mention a few, interactive graphics for visualizations and one-look summary information is an upcoming project. This will provide users, for example, pie charts and histograms that provide information at a glance. Also, scheduled task exports will allow users to automate exporting unattended. Basecamp 3 integration is in the works.

To learn more about the latest release features and other upcoming announcements, visit also their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube page. Or try Bridge24 now for free, and experience reporting and data control like you have never seen before.

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