Bridge24 Launches New Improved Interface and Enhancements

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 is a free and powerful add-on to popular project management solutions. It provides added flexibility and control of one’s data when using PM software like AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello. Over the years, this software extension has added features and functionality that continue to help users achieve greater data control and usability on top of popular project management platforms. Views that are missing in these platforms, such as Power Grid, Kanban boards and Calendar views, have been supplied for free early on. This enabled users more options and insight to their data with real-time dynamic connectivity. After a couple of years since its introduction, a new interface is available.

A Flatter Design

Bridge24 now has a flatter and more refreshing interface that is up-to-date. The darker theme provides users a clearer view that is easy to navigate. Some settings have been re-positioned and modified, so that users can use the interface more efficiently. The design will also allow new features to be integrated quickly in the days ahead. Furthermore, general performance of the interface has been improved. This will be felt by users as scrolling in the grid is smoother. Also, transitions between one view to the next are now more fluid.

Bridge24 Interface - Dark Theme

Major Enhancements

Together with the availability of the new interface, several major enhancements to the add-on and its integration with supported PM providers were made. For example, new progress bars with cancel buttons are visible during loading of information. This provide users a visual indication of what is happening with the application during this process. The cancel button also allows users to interrupt the process. Some missing fields were added to the Edit Task panel for AceProject integration. For all supported PM providers, ‘Created on’ and ‘Last Modified’ dates were added also on the Edit Task panel. Search filters are now available to most drop-downs. These enhancements are best realized when using Google Chrome.

Chat with Bridge24 Team

Bridge24 greatly values customer feedback and user requests. Aside from striving to fill up missing features from project management applications, suggestions and communication from users have played a major role in what this PM add-on is now today. To better facilitate this collaboration, a new online chat system is ready to serve this purpose. When the icon near the top right is blue, it means the online chat is active. They can share what other features they want to see, such as greater import/export functionality or more customizable reports perhaps. Users can chat with the Bridge24 team for any question or suggestion. If the chat is inactive, offline messaging through email is still available.

More to come!

The modern work environment is rapidly changing, and tools to boost performance and productivity should not be left behind. Bridge24 is working hard to provide users relevant features to stay ahead and in control. For instance, user accounts such as account signup and registration settings will have a centralized storage. At present, settings are stored in the local cache of the browser. The upcoming improvement will enable users to have a more standardized setting and experience regardless of what browser or computer they use.

The latest app and design elements use cascading style sheet (CSS) technology. This makes changes to skin colors and other visible elements easier. A light interface in contrast to the new dark theme or other alternatives will be available in the future. Users can go over the Release Info page for the details. What is your opinion about their future plans? Try Bridge24 and let them know.

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