Bridge24 Kanban Boards for Asana, Basecamp and Trello

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 offers add-ons for AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello. It has launched the first iteration of its Kanban board. A Kanban board is a form of visual control technique in business management. Tasks and workflows are quickly recognized and completed by communicating information visually like a whiteboard, unlike by text or written instructions. This results in increased clarity, efficiency and productivity.

Now, users can find centralized information easily rather than spend more time looking for it. Trello already has its implementation of a Kanban board. However, Bridge24 contains more features that enhance operational experience.

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Collapsible Columns and Lists

Kanban boards are powerful management tools that can present information visually. However, it is only as powerful as how it can transform views to better organize information you want or do not want to see. Collapsible/expandable columns and lists are essential features for filtering information on the board. It frees up valuable screen space for a less cluttered look and less stressful way of working. The Kanban Board is also able to remember which columns for which project were collapsed or not.

List Ordering

Bridge24 Kanban boards allow users to order tasks within a list. Often, tasks are placed in a logical sequence to guide the team members the order of which they should be accomplished first. Lists can also be ordered in a sequence. Furthermore, exporting to Excel from the Kanban board will result in a file that follows the order of tasks and lists.

Item Count

Another cool feature is the item count presented on the top of the title bar for each list. This is a quick visual way of presenting how many tasks are contained within the list. The benefit becomes more evident as the number of tasks grow within a list, and lists within a board. Moreover, users can see the item count information even in collapsed lists.

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Icons to help qualify each card

Bridge24 Kanban board implementation differs slightly depending on which application uses it as extension. Nevertheless, these helpful displays provide instant recognition to the user about the card they are working with. The following icons are present for the specified application:

  • AceProject: description, comments, documents, due-date and assigned users.
  • Asana: description, subtasks, comments, due-date, and assigned user.
  • Basecamp: comments, documents, due-date and assigned user.
  • Trello: description, checklists, comments, documents, due-date and assigned users.

Editing and Instant Update

The new features are not limited to higher views, but extend down to the card details. Clicking on the card brings up the Editing dialogue window. Users can enter details or modifications easily. They can create new tasks from the board. Any update also automatically refreshes the board.

Bridge24 Kanban board is available at the project level for this first iteration. Just click a project listed on the left panel. Users can select Kanban view to change the project display from either Grid or Calendar view. Also, they can switch to any project when in Kanban view and retain that setting. The next releases are sure to bring more exciting features. Visit Bridge24’s Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page to get the latest update.

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