Bridge24 Introduces New Premium Subscription Plan

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 is a powerful add-on for AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello project management applications. It provides enhanced reporting and data exporting capabilities, allowing users to have greater control and flexibility over their project data and other important information. They gain better insight of their data through different views and previews. Just recently, task history (activity stream) features provide subscribers access to all task history and recent events and actions that previously happened to their project. All the regular enhancements, improvements and latest features have now brought Bridge24 to announce its new Premium Subscription Plan.

Bridge24 Simplified Freemium Subscription Model

Bridge24 now offers a simplified subscription-based model with flexible plans. For hassle-free registration, users are automatically subscribed to the Free plan upon creating their account. There is no trial period, and they can use the Free plan as long as they like. All features are included, but have limitations. For example, custom filtering features are limited to 3 filters only. Task history data is also limited to the last 7 days, exporting of data is up to 50 entries only per export, and custom fields are unavailable.

Premium Level Advantages

The new Premium plan can be paid monthly or annually. For monthly payment, it is priced at $12 per month per user. Another option is at an affordable $8 per month per user billed annually, or equivalent to $96 yearly. Subscription to the Premium plan removes all mentioned limitations. This means a user can create unlimited custom filters instead of being limited to 3 only in the Free plan. Likewise, they have access to task history of all their data since the start. Moreover, there are no limitations to the number of entries when they export their data, and they now have access to unlimited custom fields.

How Do I Upgrade?

Upgrading to the new Bridge24 Premium plan is simple. Users can simply click the ‚ÄòGo Premium’ button or click the unlock (padlock) icon located throughout the interface. Another way is to go to the User Profile area and select the corresponding buttons. Payment from all major credit cards and Paypal are accepted. A yearly subscription is paid in full up front. This will remain active throughout the subscribed period of one year. If not renewed, the account will be downgraded into the Free version.

Latest Enhancements and other Changes

Bridge24 regularly releases new features and enhancements. Most recently, finding and applying a filter from the left panel is easier. A Quick search is now available at the top of the left panel. This allows users to quickly search and isolate the specific filters. The resulting set of data is then available for them to manipulate and provide the needed information as a report or for export.

A Stage of Maturity

Bridge24 has now arrived at a stage where it can move out of its free beta period. The simplified subscription model is a result of careful planning and consultation with current users. It also provides a more flexible platform where new features and enhancements can be made accessible more frequently and targeted to the needs of different users. For more information about Premium benefits, new features and other announcements, visit also their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page. Try Bridge24 now for free, and experience for yourselves the new ways to manage your project data.

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