Bridge24 – Get Totals and Subtotals in Reports for Asana and Trello

Reporting in project management is a critical part of the process. So, reporting applications and features are essential to project teams in their attempt to deliver a successful project. Through reports, teams are able to track the progress of the project against the original plan. They are able to identify risks, manage costs, increase visibility, gain better control, and learn new information. For Bridge24 users, they are able to view their tasks, cards, and to-dos in a structured and formatted way.

Bridge24 Advanced Reports

Bridge24 provides enhanced reporting features to users of Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and AceProject. With its advanced reports, they can use the Group feature to easily segment further the information in their reports into categories down to 2 levels. And they can do so with unlimited columns, including columns from custom fields. Other features include subtasks with indentation, wide fields for description, comments, or subtasks, and quick exporting.


Reports New Feature – Totals and Subtotals

Recently, the PM application released a new feature that enables users to tally up information in reports. They can now tally numeric values in fields that they have grouped together, as well as in other operations. These provide instant values that are visible in reports. So, whenever you are using fields that contain values, custom fields included, whether in an Asana project or Trello board, you can apply this feature across your projects or boards and get summary values easily.

Subtotals for Reports

Bridge24 users now have the ability to view summary information at the bottom of their reports whenever they include fields containing numeric values. One possible use case for this is when users generate reports that include fields holding expense information. Expenses can be summed for each group level, as well as show a total. In the example below taken from an Asana project, a report is grouped by Assignee. Two custom fields are added called Budget and Time. Included in the report are tasks, sums for each group, and the total at the bottom.


Available summary information that can be included in reports are the following:

  • Average
  • Count
  • Count (Distinct)
  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Sum

How to use Subtotals in a Report

Using the new feature in Bridge24 is easy. From the Report Parameters panel, users should go to the Subtotals tab. They can select from the list of Available Operations to use, and then order them accordingly in the Selected Operations area. Next, from the Aggregation Level, they can select whether they want to display the Tasks, together with or just the Subtotals + Grand Total, or just the Grand Total.

Below is an example of the previous report now displaying just the Subtotals + Grand Total. This includes the Sum, Average, Minimum and Maximum values.

Recently Available Enhancements

Bridge24 continues to add new reporting and exporting features for its users. For instance, it recently added a Milestone column for its Asana edition, so that users can distinguish between normal tasks and Milestone tasks. Another enhancement is the ability to navigate the report preview using the mouse scroll, where previously it can only be done page by page. Also, it now supports downloading of reports in .xlsx, .docx, and .pptx formats. For more information about new features and enhancements, check out also their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page. You can also try Bridge24 now for free!


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