Bridge24 File Uploader for AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello

Bridge24 is a powerful add-on to popular online project management applications like AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello. These PM apps are among the pioneers of cloud computing and they provide solid core project management features for individuals and teams. However, as their client base grow, they have to consider a great number of things first before they can add a feature. In fact, some of these apps choose to remain simple and therefore, easy to be adopted by new users.

Unfortunately, today’s work continues to go beyond simple. Thus, new features such as more powerful and flexible views are needed in PM tools. Bridge24 fills in this important gap by providing users of these apps with the latest and most relevant features. One such feature that was recently announced is the File Uploader.

How to use the File Uploader

Bridge24 is being adopted by many users of PM apps like AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello for its powerful views. Lately, more and more are not only viewing their tasks, projects and work through Bridge24, but also editing them within the app through the available basic editing capabilities. Truly, it makes sense to do the work in one app if possible anyway, rather than switch between two. By uploading attachments, viewing data and editing them for changes within the same app, users are able to save time and effort. Also, they can remain focused on their work, without any interruption to their train of thought.

Users can upload their file attachments in easy steps. Once connected to their PM application using Bridge24, they have to open the Edit dialog of that particular task, or card, or to-do. Regardless, users will be using the same easy steps through Bridge 24 to upload the attachment.

  1. From the Edit dialog window, users can click on the Attachments tab.
  2. Next, they can click on the browse button to select the file attachment they want to upload.

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Another way to upload an attachment is to simply drag and drop the file anywhere on the Edit dialog window area, as shown in the image. After the attachment has been uploaded, users can proceed to update their task, card, or to-do. Bridge24 File Uploader supports simultaneous upload of multiple files.

Do more actions, Complete more work

The new File Uploader also comes with other functions. Image files or photos that have been just uploaded can be instantly previewed. At the right side of the filename, users can click on the magnifying glass icon to give the image a quick look.

Also, users have the option to delete the uploaded file by clicking on the waste basket icon on the right side. This is handy if after previewing the file, the user decides that the file is not the right one or no longer necessary to be attached.

Real-time updates, Original file constraints

Bridge24 uses dynamic connectivity so that any action or update a user does through the app, the update is reflected on the primary PM application. Similarly, any action made on the PM app can be viewed instantly from Bridge24. Files that have been uploaded using the File Uploader are stored in and accessible from the primary project management application, whether it is AceProject, Asana, Basecamp or Trello. In the same manner, file constraints from the primary PM app applies, such as file size, filename length, and others, when using the File Uploader feature.

Original post: Upload Attachments Now Supported Through Bridge24

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