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Writing an accurate and informative business report is only one part of the challenge. Making people to actually want to read it and understand the contents is the other part. One way of presenting information in a more visual and pleasantly informative manner is through the use of charts. Data displayed through charts and graphs are easier to interpret and understand. A 50-page all-text report can be efficiently condensed when using graphical images to represent information visually. Bridge24 allows you to create charts and reports from your Asana and Trello data, even from custom fields.

Custom Fields and Uses

Asana and Trello support custom fields. Custom fields enable Asana users to add additional data to their tasks in their projects. Through custom fields, they can create a field that will hold information, for example, for stage, priority, or cost. Custom fields in Trello come as a Power-Up. It is a way to give cards more context and functionality. Users can utilize it to hold information with numerical values for account or order numbers, date values for start and end dates, a dropdown list of choices, or checkboxes to show if an item is done or not.

Some of the ways custom fields can be used for:

  • Categorize a product
  • Show status of a sign-off procedure
  • Display version information
  • Indicate ‘Yes/no’ data for required action, and more.

Bridge24 Dynamic Charts

Custom fields in Asana and Trello can be useful to show summary reports and business trends. However, the best way to draw out this information and include them in business reports is with Bridge24 and its Dynamic Charts feature. In the past months, users already have been provided the ability to use custom fields for grouping in the Reports feature. A few weeks ago, it made available the feature to generate Dynamic charts using custom fields in Asana and Trello at a click of a button.


As an example, let’s say an Asana account tracks different websites and specific blogs on these websites. A custom field named ‘Website’ is created and holds the information on the number of blogs being tracked. From Bridge24, users can group tasks across all projects based on the custom field values. Once generated, users can click on any segment, and it will dynamically bring up the task list, show or hide the segment representing the website by clicking on the legend, and also easily export the chart to a PDF file.

Chart Stacking

A powerful feature available in Bridge24 for both Asana and Trello is the chart stacking capability in its Dynamic Charts. It has the ability to display 2 variables in the same chart to give more context and a greater perspective. For instance, a Trello user may want to know the count of cards for every approval stage in their workflow. At the same time, each card also has a priority setting, meaning a card can have an urgent, high, medium, low, or n/a priority setting. Getting this information together in one chart is now possible. Users can use any custom field when they use chart stacking.


Choose your Chart

Bridge24 provides users several choices of chart types. They can choose from pie, doughnut, polar, horizontal bar or vertical bar. Moreover, it is easy to modify the chart and choose a different chart type, different variables, or different settings. In the Trello example above, they can choose how they want the variables stacked, which variable would be in the first level, which is in the second, and whether ascending or descending in position.

Use Bridge24 for your Asana and Trello Reports

Business reporting is a powerful tool that can help companies and organizations get a better view of the health of their business. Whether you use Asana or Trello, Bridge24 Advanced Reports and Dynamic Charts can help simplify and improve the process of business reporting. It also has other features such as multiple views and quick exporting that enhances the reporting and exporting capabilities of your project management software. To learn more about its features, check it also on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Or try Bridge24 today for free.


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