Bridge24 Completes Summer 2017 Updates

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 is a powerful and flexible add-on to popular online project management software. It does more than just add a singular functionality to extend the features of PM platforms such as AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello. With regular enhancements, release of new features, and systematic back-end improvements, it has become a valuable component depended on by many users to fill in missing features. The most recent updates this summer of 2017 are all warmed up and ready to work to help users take control of their project data.

Improved Power Grid Loading

Bridge24 provides users with an easy-to-use but very flexible Power Grid. It is a feature that solves many problems and deficiencies for users. The latest release is now capable of loading high volumes of tasks, meaning greater than 1000 tasks, faster. And this applies to all supported project management software providers. Users can see and feel the significant improvement in speed and display as they load up tasks and view them using the Power Grid.

Edit Task Panel Update

Similarly, users of all supported providers can now see an Action menu in the Edit Task panel. Several actions can be made from within this menu. Users can open the current task in its parent application by selecting the first option from the menu. They can also select the new Copy Task URL, or delete the task, all from this new easily accessible Action menu.

Enhanced Grid View Management

Bridge24 users are able to not only create grid views from their project data, but also use filters and then saved these important and meaningful views. With this summer 2017 release, users now have the ability to easily copy, rename, reset or delete their saved grid views. Again, users of all providers can use this new feature, which is definite to bring enhanced experience across PM platforms.

Support for Asana ‘Board’ Projects

One of Bridge24’s supported PM software is Asana. Users can create projects in Lists or create them in more visual Boards using the software. Unfortunately, Asana does not allow Listed projects to be viewed as Boards. In the same way, Board projects cannot appear as Lists. However, Bridge24 users can now solve this with its latest release. The powerful add-on can handle data in both types of views. Therefore, its own Board view can handle Asana List-type projects, or list other Board-type projects.

As a testimonial, long-time Asana user Denis R. reported that using Asana and having to choose between lists and boards is a letdown. His team uses boards as dashboards, and uses lists for actual projects. He knows that the PM software has plans to provide a solution for users to switch between views, but the actual feature can be a long-time coming. He is, however, relieved to learn about Bridge24. He simply described his experience as unbelievably amazing.

Other enhancements, present and future

Bridge24 Summer 2017 release includes significant back-end work such as minor bug fixes for all providers. But there are also visible ones, such as the left tree view panel now displays avatars for assigned users. There are also some specific enhancements, such as the one mentioned above. Another is an editable Task Number field now available on the Edit Task panel in AceProject.

In the near future, users may see a new Activity/History Stream feature. This means they will be able to view, and also search and filter all modifications that have occurred on their tasks. Initiatives for new graphic views such as pie charts and histograms are also under way. Basecamp version 3 will soon be supported also. Of course, back-end improvements will continue for better performance and scalability. Moreover, a new website design and logo will be coming soon to better represent the evolution and present state of Bridge24, so stay tuned! Visit also their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

Original post: Bridge24 Release News: Summer 2017

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