Bridge24 Announces Support for Asana and Trello Custom Fields

Bridge24 just announced the availability of a most requested feature from its users. This is in relation to the recent updates from Asana and Trello, announcing the release of custom fields in their respective applications. Now, Bridge24 users can take advantage of these features with its own support of custom fields in both applications. Indeed, adding this feature was given priority so that users can maximize the results gained from the many possibilities that custom fields can bring. Among them are in the areas of reporting and exporting data.

Custom Fields in Asana and in Trello

The addition of custom fields in Asana and Trello allows users of these applications to have greater flexibility in using the apps. It also enabled them to tailor the software to better fit to their requirements. It is a powerful feature that can enhance their ability to track their projects and improve their workflows.


For instance, Asana users can add fields to any project, so that they can track exactly what is important in their organization. An unlimited number of custom fields are allowed in premium accounts. Users can add it to track an accounting ID code or to choose preset values from a drop-down list. The available custom field types are

  • Number
  • Text, and
  • Drop-down list.


Trello custom fields allow users to give cards more quick context. The Custom Fields Power-Up can be activated by users, and they can add up to 5 custom fields per board. The field types are

  • Text
  • Number
  • Dates
  • Yes/No checkbox, and
  • Drop-down list.

What can be done with Custom Fields in Bridge24

Bridge24’s support for custom fields means that users can use it like any other field when they connect to their main application. When using the Power Grid, they can add the custom fields to any view, sort them, or group them. Control over these fields extend even between projects. Furthermore, users can export them to Excel or CSV for reporting purposes, just like any other field.

Bridge24 now support Trello's and Asana's custom fields

How to use Custom Fields

Bridge24 users can access custom fields in a project by selecting the Column’s Show/Hide options. A list of the columns will appear in a menu with a checkbox in front. Users can select the column names they want to display. A custom field has a special icon that distinguishes them from other fields.


Custom fields can also be displayed on the Edit task or card panel. The information appears as read-only.



Continuing Improvement on User Experience

Bridge24 is continuing to provide users an improved experience as they rely more on the add-on’s capabilities to enhance their main application’s features. Enhancements are made for all providers in general, but also for specific applications as each application rolls out their own enhancements. Users can check out Bridge24’s Release Info page for more details and the latest announcements.

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