Bridge24 Announces Affiliate Program – Join, Promote, Earn!

Bridge24 is a project management software application that provides enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities. Users of Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject can extend the features of their online PM tools with the use of this powerful, flexible and free software. They are able to quickly create and save views, filter and group tasks, across all projects. Furthermore, they can export filtered tasks in Excel or CSV formats easily, including information on custom fields, task history and comments.

Bridge24 Affiliate Program

More and more users, both of the free and premium plans, are realizing the huge benefits of the application. This resulted in a great opportunity for the Bridge24 Team and customers who are both eager to share the information about the availability of this PM app to others. Now, the Bridge24 Affiliate Program has been launched and is available to anyone. Registered users of the software can join the program and promote the product. The program is ideal for people who write blogs, and are able to show the additional value of the app when used together with Asana, Basecamp, Trello or AceProject.

The Bridge24 Affiliate Program lets a program partner collect 20% commission for every successful use of their affiliate link. To be eligible to collect the commission, the affiliate program partner should first sign up to Bridge24. Next, they should go to their avatar icon on the top right, and click the affiliate activation button. They should accept the Terms of Service, and may set up a password. Then, they can already copy their affiliate link and paste it in their online posts, blogs, and emails. Whenever a reader clicks their affiliate link to navigate to the Bridge24 site and purchases a Premium subscription, the program partner will earn a commission. Affiliate links are all logged and tracked.

Commission starts at 20 percent. They will be paid out monthly through PayPal, if their commission reaches a minimum of $100. Leads with recurrent purchases expire after 3 years. Affiliate program partners who perform really well may be contacted and receive offers of higher commission rates, based on conversions and quantity of leads. They can follow the progress of their leads, commissions, and payouts from their affiliate dashboard, which are available via the web, iOS, and Android platforms. Moreover, program partners can copy and use available marketing material like banner ads, email templates, and social media templates that already include their unique affiliate link.

Refer A Friend

Aside from the Bridge24 Affiliate Program, another simple way to promote and disseminate information about the application to others is by using the Refer a Friend section. This is on the same panel of the Profile area, just above the Affiliate Program section. Users can enter one or multiple email addresses to people who they think will find the software useful once they try it.

More New Features

Together with the launch of the affiliate program, a few enhancements were made available with the latest update. For example, the filters feature is now simplified. It is more streamlined, and easier to access, so users can edit their filters faster. Also, grid grouping has been improved. The grouping feature is now always open, so people can just drag the column header in the grouping zone. The initial grouped results will appear collapsed automatically.

Extending Your PM Tool Abilities

Bridge24 helps users get a new perspective by enabling them to view and manipulate project data interactively. They get access to the features that can provide them enhanced reporting and exporting functions to make better decisions. Also, they can now easily refer the product to a friend or actively promote it and earn a commission.

For more information about new features, product or program announcements, and other productivity tips, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. You can also try Bridge24 now for free!

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