Bridge24 Advanced Reports for AceProject Now Available

Bridge24 for AceProject is a flexible application that brings enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities. It expands and extends features of online project management software such as AceProject with its dynamic connection, powerful views, and ease of use. In fact, more people are now using the application in retrieving and editing tasks, and in generating valuable information through reports. Users can then easily export these reports into CSV, Excel and PDF formats. And just recently, it announced the availability of advanced reports for AceProject software.

Bridge24 Advanced Reports

Bridge24 has now made available Advanced Reports to users of AceProject. So, aside from the different views, filters, and features they use and apply to manage their project data, they can now generate more types of reports. For example, they can now prepare a 2-level report that allows them grouping for a second level before generating the report. They can now also include up to 4 more fields in a report in addition to the task name. Furthermore, once the report has been generated, users can easily export it into PDF or Excel file, allowing them more output options.

How to configure and generate reports

Users can configure their project reports in just a few steps. For 2-level grouping, they just need to select the parameter for the second level from the available options at the dropdown menu. They can also indicate items that should be excluded according to a specific status. Moreover, they can include up to an additional 4 fields (columns) simply by checking these in the dialog window. Then click the Generate button.

A report will be instantly generated, and users can easily export them from the navigation tool to their desired format, such as PDF or Excel.

Project Report: Status Delay

Another type of advanced project report available is for status delay information. This report allows users to calculate the average and cumulative duration of tasks by project and by status. The resulting duration will be in units of days. To create this report, they should specify input parameters such as statuses, which will be considered in the calculations. This report can be accessed by going to Reports, then go to Reports for Projects. To start the calculation, they must first select a project or filter with 1 or more projects. This report can be valuable for finding out how much cumulative time has passed for tasks leading up to being completed.

Need more reports? Try our Custom Development

Bridge24 offers great flexibility for reporting and exporting functionality. If you need to customize further any reporting or exporting requirement, the B24 team is ready to listen and accommodate you with their custom development services.

Bridge24 for AceProject

AceProject users using Bridge24 have access to additional features and enhanced performance that are boosting their experience and productivity. Some of the advantages are:

  • Interactive viewing and direct updating of tasks
  • An alternative UI that is easy to use and very flexible
  • A flexible Grid mode that allows changing of column positions, widths, and grouping
  • An agile Board view with drag-and-drop feature for easy changing of statuses, and
  • A selection of charts, reports, history, and other useful information for analysis and insight.

For more information on new features and other product announcements, check Bridge24 also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube. Or try Bridge24 for AceProject now for free.

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