Book review: Accidental project manager (Ray Frohnhoefer, 2018)

The Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days, Kindle Edition, is a story about Rhett Sero who is the hero when it comes to finding a project manager for important clients. In this book, Rhett is introduced to a project management consultant, who then introduces him to the PROJECT methodology and spends seven days with him to prepare. The book is told in a business fable form, designed to increase the success of project managers. It primarily targets accidental and new project managers, as well as those exploring project management careers and beginning project management learners.

Book Details

The book, available in paperback and Kindle, has 127 pages, with dimensions of 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches and weighs 7.8 ounces. It was first published on July 3, 2018, by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and is available in English. Its ISBN 10 and 13 numbers are 171879293X and 978-1718792937, respectively.


The Kindle version is priced at $1 while the paperback is at $14.07.

Target Audience

The Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days is suitable for project managers, especially for new and accidental project managers and those who are looking into exploring the field like beginning project management learners. This book will greatly help those aspiring project managers because everyday concepts are put together in the form of a business fable.

What Customers Say

One reader said the book successfully incorporated valuable learning materials into an easy-to-read ‚Äòstory type’ narrative. He also added that there was no jargon used and, instead, the book included good guiding principles that are helpful to an ‚Äòaccidental project manager’. Another reader recommends the book for both project managers and functional managers who are also sometimes tasked to be project managers. The book’s style and content are highly readable and are very relatable. Another one of the many readers says that this book covers almost all the necessary skills for project management and helps accidental project managers to succeed with his projects.

Content, Approach, Style

Content. The Accidental Project Manager: Zero to Hero in 7 Days talks about how to become a project hero. Instead of the book being divided into chapters, readers will find it divided into 7 days, excluding the introduction and the epilogue. Each of these days corresponds to a skill that a project manager has to master to become effective. Day 1 is entitled Powered by the People, Day 2 is Dig for Requirements, and Day 3 is Organize Objectives. Day 4 is Jell with the Team, Day 5 is Execute Effortlessly, Day 6 is Control Casually, and Day 7 is Transfer. Each chapter has a tip for project management, as well as additional reading resources.

Tone. The author used a story-type narrative in the book to illustrate his point. He uses fictional characters like Rhett Sero to weave into each chapter what it is like to be an accidental project manager.

Style. The book’s style is very light, considering the story-type narration the author used. There is also no use of jargon in the story but the author excellently incorporated concepts and everyday terms. The book is also helpful to project managers who want to become better at their job and to anyone who wants to understand the challenges that come with becoming a project manager.

Why Buy the Book?

Aspiring project managers should buy the book because it is a very useful resource for becoming a successful PM. The way it is written makes learning more effective, especially because of the fiction story that is used to illustrate the author’s points. It is a very easy-to-understand book that stays away from jargons to become clearer and straightforward. The book is, in fact, an effective way of learning how to be a successful project manager in no time.


Meet the author, Ray Frohnhoefer, who is an author, speaker, and educator. He is also a program management consultant who has more than forty years of experience in managing technology and software projects. He also handles portfolios and programs in different industries, including education and financial services. Ray also manages his own company, PPC Group, LLC, and is also a faculty mentor and instructor at different learning institutions in Southern California. Among these are UC San Diego Extension and California Southern University.

The Kindle version is priced at $1 while the paperback is at $14.07.

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