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Biomimetic Management: Building a bridge between people and nature is a unique book that is based on the study of ant societies and other complex systems. It aims to provide the reader lessons and practical aspects observed from complex systems and how they can be applied to managing organizations and people. It tries to give guidance in how to deal with complex systems, such as an enterprise or an international organization, without creating more societal or ecological problems because of local actions. With biomimetics as the guiding principle, it presents sustainable management solutions that will allow both society and its environment to survive.

Book Details

The paperback measures 6.1 in. wide, 0.6 in. thick, and 9.2 in. long. It has a shipping weight of 1.1 pounds. It has 262 pages divided into an Introduction, 4 chapters, and a Conclusion. It is only available in paperback format. It was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in July 2015 in English and French. ISBN-10: 1514771896; ISBN-13: 978-1514771891


$59.98 for the paperback version

Target Audience

Biomimetic Management is for people interested in the theory of complex systems management and its practical aspects. It is ideal for senior management, social scientists, engineers, researchers, designers, business managers, project managers, and team leaders in industries involved in complex systems of people and technologies, such as manufacturing, construction, government, and others.

What Customers Say

Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker (Amazon) described the book as fascinating. She believes that Dr. Bogatyreva’s research deserves wider recognition. The author applied her deep knowledge to human organizations. It is an important work and very captivating.

Amazon reader auracas stated that Biomimetic Management presented a serious research on biomimetic principles and how it can be applied to sociology and management issues. It includes several mathematical models that can be intimidating for some people. However, it is still possible to understand the book while skipping these parts.

Anna Y. (Amazon) described it as a great book and gave it 5 stars. She stated that this book, which is based on decades of scientific work, is a must read not only for biologists and professional managers, but also for psychologists and cognitive scientists.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Biomimetic Management has 262 pages divided into an introduction on biomimetic management, self-organization, and self management. The first chapter is about complexity in nature, intention, and adaptability. Chapter 2 discusses social attractors, hierarchies, measurements and calculations, while Chapter 3 is about the research, observations and experiments on ants. Chapter 4 discusses the lessons from ants for management theory, and the conclusion provides some equations, comparison and contrast, and practical application.

Approach/Tone: The authors are direct in their approach, providing data and information from their research. They try to answer questions they pose at the start of the chapter as they discuss their observations, findings and conclusions.

Style: The book is logically organized, with definitions at the start, explanations and examples at the middle, and answers and conclusions at the end. There is a summary at the end of every chapter. The paragraphs can be long at times, and there are special terms related to biology, mathematics, and philosophy. The terms are defined and explained, and the lists and illustrations help as learning aids.

Why Buy the Book

Biomimetic Management is an interesting book that tries to apply a scientific approach based on the study of ant colonies to provide solutions to human management problems. Biomimetics is a relatively young strategy to be applied to sociology and management. However, the discoveries from the research are fascinating and are backed by science, mathematics and philosophy.


Olga Bogatyreva is a Director at BioTRIZ Ltd, which provides consultancy in inventive problem solving in the areas of engineering, research, design, manufacturing, and management. Dr. Bogatyreva is an internationally certified TRIZ (Theory in Inventive Problem Solving) expert. She holds a Doctor of Science degree in Complexity Theory and a PhD in Biology received from Novosibirsk State University in Russia. She is also a part-time lecturer at the University of Bath, England, for undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering and management.

Alexandr E. Shillerov was an engineer with 40 years of civil construction industry experience. Alexandr was CEO for over 20 years of a design bureau for developing new machinery for building blocks production. He has a degree in civil engineering design and mathematics. He studied network planning, design methods, and Complexity Theory to manage complex production networks of people and technology. A passion for biology after math led to the collaboration for this book.

$59.98 for the paperback version

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