Basecamp Announces Filter by Keyword and Email Summary

basecamp-logoBasecamp online project management has been helping users finish projects for more than 15 years. Large, mid-sized and small companies alike have chosen to stay with them and rely on them for giving them a business tool that is simple and yet effective. In its mission to continuously make doing things easier for its customers, Basecamp announced new features that will help users find quickly what they are looking for. Also, they now have the option to receive less email notifications as project activities happen more often. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend

New Filter by Keyword

Basecamp project management application announced a new filter by keyword feature in its latest release. Companies that have been using the PM software for a time probably have already accumulated a great amount of data over the years. For those that have recently got on board but have started with a big number of projects, this feature is also for you. Everybody knows that it can be a challenge to remember names of old files, text documents, or even discussions, especially if someone else posted it. It is now possible to narrow the search by using a filter that classifies the item being searched for.

basecamp filter field

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The new Filter by Keyword can be used in the Everything pages or inside any project page. The intelligent search engine will list items that match the name of the item being typed by the user letter by letter. For instance, if the user knows that the item in question mentioned in a discussion is a product, he or she can type the word “product ” in the search filter input, so that discussions that contain the word “product” will be displayed. Another example would be a search for a particular ZIP file but the exact filename escapes the user’s memory. Here, the user can filter by entering the word “zip ” and the resulting list will show all .zip files.

basecamp filter discussions

New Email Summary

Basecamp online project management also announced a new feature that gives users the option to receive less email notifications. Commonly, users are always provided the information to stay on top of every project, task, task assignment, schedule, status, and post among others. For people involved in multiple projects, it can get overwhelming and a bit distracting to receive updates for every discussion, to-do, file or event. Sooner or later, users will be spending more time reading or checking out updates rather than getting work done. To remedy this, they can now opt to receive an email summary every three hours or so instead of getting an email right away for one updated item.

basecamp email frequency setting

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On the Me page, users should click the Settings link. There, they will see a new section called “Email frequency. ” By selecting to get an Email summary every few hours at most, Basecamp will collect notifications and send it in one email in about every three hours. Therefore, if in that same amount of time, 10 updates occurred, the user will receive one email containing the 10 updates instead of receiving 10 emails after every update that happened.

basecamp summary example

The summary usually will contain all things that users are supposed to be notified about, such as new calendar events, comments, messages, to-do assignments, uploaded files or forwarded emails. This setting can be changed anytime by going back to the Settings page or by clicking the links in the bottom of emails. Basecamp will, however, still send emails immediately to notify users of any event or to-do that is coming up soon. For the latest news and announcements from this project management application, visit their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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