Backlog Launches Affiliate Partner Program

Backlog, a project management app by Nulab, is trusted by over 9,000 companies including SoftBank Robotics, Adobe, and TransferWise. This tool helps developers collaborate on tasks, share project updates, and submit requests to other teams. Additionally, it provides simple but powerful features that software development teams desire like: version control, Gantt charts, wikis, bug and issue tracking, and more.

Backlog’s affiliate partner program

Over 800,000 users depend on Backlog every day for their project management and bug tracking needs, and many are seeing measurable benefits to their productivity and team collaboration from using the platform. As a result, many customers would like to share their experience with others in the interest that they too will find success.

Now, Backlog customers (as well as independent agencies, affiliates, and consultants) can sign up for Backlog’s affiliate program, refer others, and earn a commission for their efforts. The Backlog affiliate program is free to join (a customer account is not required) and invites others in the project management industry to try out the software and promote the tool.

How the Backlog affiliate program works

Customers and member of the project management community can sign up for the affiliate program by filling out a brief signup form with their full name and email address. The Backlog Affiliate Manager will review the application to ensure the right fit for the program. Once approved, you will receive your unique affiliate link, so you can track your referrals.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a Backlog plan within 45 days, you will receive credit. Additionally, if someone signs up for a free trial or freemium plan and upgrades you will also get credit for the referral.

What Backlog affiliates can earn

The Backlog affiliate program commission structure is simple and straightforward. The bigger the plan you refer, the more that you can earn as an affiliate partner.

All affiliate partners get paid for approved commissions via PayPal (with other payment options potentially coming in the future). As a partner, you will be able to track your referred free trials, free accounts, and of course your paid referrals by way of a partner dashboard that includes reports, branded materials (for promotion), and other tools to help you become a successful Backlog affiliate.

What’s next for Backlog and the Affiliate Program

The Backlog team and leadership are excited to work with affiliate partners and the project management community at large.

“Our software has a nice balance for development teams and companies who want to streamline their project management efforts and make it more efficient. We know agencies, consultants, and coaches need a reliable solution for their clients, and we are eager to work with them through our affiliate partner program to see successes for both,” mentions Bing Han, Director of Marketing at Backlog, upon the recent launch of their affiliate partner program.

The team at Backlog is adding new features and improvements monthly to the platform. For its affiliate partner program, they are looking to provide even more resources, one-on-one help and support, as well as incentives and unique opportunities for affiliate partners only.

Learn more about the Backlog affiliate program

For more information about new features, product updates, or program announcements, please visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Taylor Barr

Taylor Barr is a Marketing Consultant with The Up Foundry. He works with B2B companies in the project management industry as well as other verticals.

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