Azendoo – New Features, Mobile & Desktop Apps, and more

azendoo logoAzendoo online teamwork application has announced exciting new features, apps and enhancements that will further boost the productivity of its users while making the software even simpler and easier to use. In the past few months, the application is slowly but steadily introducing and including both user-requested features and design innovations from the development team. The latest version now enables its users to create a follow-up task or a copy of task, download native mobile apps built with new technology, use desktop apps instead of using browsers on several platforms, and more.

New Follow-up Tasks, Copy Tasks, and other features

Azendoo teamwork application has added the ability for its users to create a follow-up task. The logic behind this is that sometimes, tasks relate to other tasks, whether it is to analyze the result of a completed task or to assign a part of it to another team member. This can be done by clicking the three dots at the upper right corner of the Task card and selecting “Create a Follow-up Task” option. A new window opens where users can edit the details of this follow-up task, such as editing the task title, choosing the assignee, setting a due date, and others. To finish, users should click the Create Task button. A follow-up task also has a direct link to the Task from which it was created to simplify navigation.

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Another new feature is the ability to create a copy of an existing task. This frequently requested feature will finally be able to help users easily create the same task that may be a required step in a process. Instead of creating a task for every team member, it is now simpler by creating a copy of one task and then assigning them to each member. This simple time saver can have a great accumulated effect over time.

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Other Azendoo improvements have been done, and one of them is a new Subjects index that makes it easy for users to manage and find their Subjects. When the Subjects link is clicked from the left panel, the index will allow users to see all active subjects, those that they are non-members of but can join, those that they are members of, and those of which the user is an officer. Also, all previously read-only, closed, and archived Subjects are now all labeled archived. The user settings page has been redesigned for simplicity and ease of use, and the frame design has been updated in preparation for more new features and improvements.

azendoo updated frame

New Mobile Apps

Azendoo teamwork application has released the latest mobile apps version for both iPhone and Android platforms. Now built on React Native technology, the mobile apps now include an improved Activity thread. Users can see and access all activities, whether a Workspace activity, a Subject activity, or another member’s activity. They can like or comment on any Message or Task.

azendoo mobile activity

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Another improved user experience is on Tasks, accessible via the Task tab, with one’s tasks as the default option, but filters are available, too. A tap will open a Task card, divided into three components. Other improvements are noticeable in the Notifications, Direct Messages, and Team Members and Subjects via the More tab, where all actions possible with the web app are now also possible with the mobile app. Moreover, users can continue using the app while waiting for an image to upload completely.

azendoo mobile tasks

New Desktop Apps

Last but not the least, and definitely the latest, Azendoo desktop apps are now available for the Mac and Windows platforms. Desktop apps enable users to use the teamwork application outside of their web browser. By using the desktop app, users are assured that they are always using the latest version without having to update the app manually. It will auto-update every time there is a new version, and users only have to close the app and open it again to have the latest version running on their desktop.

azendoo new desktop apps

To know more of the new features and latest enhancements in Azendoo teamwork application, visit their Twitter or Facebook page.

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