Augustus (Gus) Cicala – A Devoted Preacher of Project Management

gus cicalaEvery organization, whichever industry it comes from, needs an optimal solution in order to deliver better, faster and effective results. Only organizations that invest in development of project management can expect a rapid growth in project profitability, optimum utilization of resources and maximization of income in general. A reliable partner, who can help organizations reach their goals, offer effective solutions, and bring expected results, is a man who devoted himself to project management long ago – Augustus (Gus) Cicala. His 30 years of experience in the field guarantees high level of proficiency. For organizations, his expertise promises that their needs will be met.

Introducing Gus Cicala

Gus Cicala is the President and CEO of Project Assistants Inc., in addition to being a renowned speaker and author in the field of project management. He graduated from the Wharton Business School. Since 1980 he had been working with Sun Oil Company as a Software Developer, where his career progressed to the Project Manager. Entering the field of project management, Cicala’s profession grew further and IBM engaged him as a Senior Project Manager. After this collaboration, he worked as a Project Practice Director at Computer Task Group. In 1993, Cicala started his own business and founded Project Assistant, Inc. in August 1996. His long-term experience in project management and information technology enables him to share his project management expertise with the numerous clients, not only in the U.S, but also in Europe.

CEO of Project Assistants

During the years, Gus Cicala has been leading his company in his own unique and innovative way, thus establishing Project Assistants, Inc (PA) as a credible company in the area of project management. They offer training programs, application development services, project portfolio management consulting and solutions. In 1998, Project Assistants became certified Microsoft Partner and was assigned by Microsoft as Silver Company in Project Management. By October 2005, PA has delivered Microsoft Project Server Implementation in more than 200 organizations. They became recognized as the number one in category for a PA training guide for Project 2013. As Microsoft has announced their latest suite, they have been assigned as certified Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 Partner.


Trainer and Coach

Gus Cicala with his company organizes many trainings and workshops, based on the most important part of every organization – their people. They offer various training programs at all levels of project management. The main goals of their educational programs and workshops are to identify challenges encountered by the organization, deliver a plan of attack and support an adoption process. Their most popular workshops are Project Management Using Microsoft Project 2013, Project Risk Management, Project Management Leadership Program and Executive Program: Leading Project Leaders.

Speaker and Writer

project-management-using-microsoft-project-2013-book-coverGus Cicala is a published author and acclaimed speaker in project management field. He will be the keynote speaker of Project Summit Boston in October, 2014. He got this honor after many published articles, among which the article “Leadership Is Taken, Not Given” gained the most success. As a renowned author, Cicala’s book Project Management using Microsoft Project 2013 became one of the most popular in the domain of project management. He has also participated in producing the 3rd edition of the book Expediting Drug and Biologics Development. Cicala continues further with publishing on regular bases his original and innovative articles on project management for the reputable publishers.

Grooming Effective Project Leaders

Gus Cicala’s exceptional project management knowledge makes him a leading authority in the field. He helps project managers and their leaders on various levels such as how to be proactive, keep the project in its own rhythm, and bring their projects to success. Cicala teaches them how to integrate strategy, governance and project delivery before the project execution, thus insuring effectiveness of the project. In Project Assistant’s blog, he carries on to publish his highly inspirational articles twice a month in order to provide the clients with highly useful tips written by a professional. Connect with Gus through his Twitter and LinkedIn profile.

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