Asana Launches Better Navigation, New Team Conversations

asana logoAsana project management software announced at the start of the year that 2015 is going to be a productive year for the company. By the end of the first quarter, it has released new features such as a more exact Due Time, a helpful Attachment View, and its fast Android app. Following on that, it has been gradually introducing improvements in the software’s look and feel, as well as providing another way for teams to communicate, to overall support its mission of helping teams improve its productivity and allow them to work together effortlessly. If you need a great extension to Asana, we recommend

Better Navigation

Asana task and project management software brings a better solution than outdated email. It provides users a central place where tasks and conversations are in one place, so teams spend less time finding the right information and instead know immediately what needs to get done. Its interface is divided in three panes (left, center, and right or task) and a top bar. An updated top bar navigation is being rolled out in phases. My Tasks, My Inbox and Search are being moved from the left pane to the top bar. The left pane is used to navigate the Dashboard and to access projects in the Organization or Workspace. It can get pretty crowded as the team or company grows. With the redesigned navigation, it is now easier and faster to access needed information.

asana top bar 1

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Another improvement in the top bar navigation is the addition of a Quick Add (green +) button. Just like in the mobile apps, the Quick Add button on the web version now allows user to add tasks and projects, invite new teammates, and the latest addition, to start team conversations, from anywhere in the application. These navigation redesign aims to centralize how users get information and collaborate with teammates, thereby streamlining the process.

asana top bar 2

Team Conversations

Asana project management software is a solution for today’s modern work where email alone is no longer up to task. Group email lists are a poor option for team communication. It takes much time to go through them to know what is important and what is actionable. Team Conversation is presented as an alternative way to communicate about topics not tied to a specific task. This can be used to discuss team goals, points of discussion, or just to share ideas without creating a task.

asana team convos 1

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The left pane contains the Team names, and by selecting a team, it will display Team Conversations like it shows the Team Calendar. From there, a user can start a conversation by creating a post that has a subject and the actual texts in the post. Files can also be attached to the post. Members belonging to that team will see the new Conversations post in the Inbox or get an email notification. They can also start and reply to the conversations using their email. A quick way to add a post to Team Conversations is through the redesigned navigation on the top bar. By clicking the green “+ ” button, users can select the Conversation option.

asana team convos 4

Asana makes it easy not only to start Team Conversations but also to manage it. Team members are notified only of the first post and will not get notified again unless they follow that Conversation, so there will be less items in the inbox. It is also easy to unfollow a conversation, without the need to leave a team. Conversations can be deleted in one click. It works similarly like task comments, with hypertext, hearts and in-line comments functionality. However, since it is not tied to a task, the team can use it for brainstorming, talking about a new idea, making an announcement or simply bringing a new teammate up to speed. Team conversations is available in the web, iOS and Android versions. For more Asana software news, visit their Facebook or Twitter page. If you need a great extension to Asana, we recommend

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