Asana Latest News – Due Times, Attachment View and Android

asana logoAsana cloud project management set out to make 2015 a very productive year. In the past two months, it has been launching new features week after week. It started out with the ability to view all files related to a project in one gallery-like view. Then it launched a new Android app. The application also now has more emoji that can help make team communication more lively and fun. The latest feature launched is due time to provide a more exact schedule than a due date. If you need a great extension to Asana, we recommend

Due Time

Asana was built to improve team productivity. For so long, relying on email alone has lowered the productivity of teams. Today, email is no longer able to deliver the right amount of information to the right people at the right time. There was a time that specifying a due date was enough. However, the prevalence of distributed teams, global markets, and other time-sensitive factors brought the need for a more exact way of setting appointments and deadlines.

asana due times

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Being able to set a due time in a task on top of a due date allows the team to schedule, plan or prioritize better. It can be set when a user sets a due date in the task pane. The due time will show up in the center pane of the task lists, on the task, and on Calendars. Due time was a highly requested feature that would help team users indicate support or service to clients at a certain time. It also indicates a task’s time sensitivity, helps team plan better by the hour, and adds time details for meetings on Calendars. However, when due date is all that is needed, setting a due time is optional.

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Attachment View

Being able to keep all files together with tasks that are related to one project in a central place is extremely helpful. As projects pile up either historically or simultaneously, tasks and file attachments also multiply. Unless properly organized, it can be overwhelming and will certainly bring down productivity. Asana cloud project management software makes it easy to store and find the right information when needed. Users are able to attach files to tasks from a local or a cloud drive and keep them organized. Now, a new project-level view called Attachment View will help users browse and locate files in a grid-like gallery. Users can also preview an attachment in this view. Attachments on completed tasks can also be seen in this view.

asana attachments view

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Android App

On January 20, 2015, Asana made available a beautiful, intuitive and fast Android app. The development team did their best so that gestures, layout, navigation, and look-and-feel using the new Material Design language resulted to a simple and familiar app that Android users will love. The app will allow users to get the latest updates, get notifications for new tasks and messages, and be able to edit tasks, add assignees, and update due dates. They can quickly add tasks and get the information they need without going back to the office.

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Other New Features

Recent enhancements and improvements also include the ability to pin a comment so that the team does not miss any contextual information. Users can also undo a sent comment within 20 seconds, convert a task into a project, archive team updates easily in the Inbox, and add emoji to any task description or comment. They can also color-code projects, add an About Me profile description, and allow Asana admins on premium plans to search faster for members. To know more of the latest news for their software, visit their Twitter or Facebook page. If you need a great extension to Asana, we recommend

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