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logoAPMEvery individual or company committed to project management, whether beginner or advanced, yearn to find all necessary information, support, courses, groups, discussions, and resources from an accredited group of professionals in one single place. As the Alexandrian Library of our modern times, Association for Project Management (APM) has built the vast structure in order to cover all areas needed to manage the business projects successfully. They offer a huge database, known as Body of Knowledge, qualifications and training, community groups, a network of professionals, publications, events, etc. APM’s business ethic relies deeply on professional values and has been incorporated through establishing Five Dimensions of Professionalism, making them the one of the Europe’s most trusted professionals in the area of Project Management.

APM – Association for Project Management

APM began when seven young enthusiasts decided to launch INTERNET UK in 1972, later evolving in the International Project Management Association (IPMA). The mindset of these young people was different from others, such that they were eager to devote themselves to try something new in developing Project Management, and deliver above average results. Today, APM has 42 years of experience, over 21,150 individuals and 550 corporate members. Their five dimensions of professionalism represent the cornerstone of their business philosophy, and offers to their clients the following five principles: breath of the knowledge, depth of the project management competencies, achievement through qualifications, commitment through project management practice, and accountability reflected through the ethical practices of a professional.

Qualifications and Training

All APM’s courses are in compliance with IPMA’s 4 levels of Certification Program. By finishing one of their courses, delegates get recognition among professionals and gain greater respect for their new project management skills. Attendants who pass APM’s accredited exams are allowed to post their professional credentials and register their profile at the International Project Management Association (IPMA). The accreditation that APM provides for their clients cover the four levels of accreditation: Corporate Accreditation, Training and Development Accreditation, Academic Accreditation and Professional Course Accreditation. For clients who prefer to self-study, they offer open exams for the Introductory Certificate, APMP, APMP for PRINCE2 Practitioners, and Risk Certificate qualifications.


APM memberships are available for individuals, organizations and academic institutions. For individuals, the membership is available in one if the following forms: as Student Membership, Associate, Full Member and Fellow. All these forms help members to develop their knowledge and competences. An organization can become members through Corporate Membership which increases company’s recognition and influences their promotion. Memberships for academic organizations are available through the APM Education Network, which connects lecturers, researchers and students in exchanging ideas, information and practical solutions when it comes to implementation and application of project management in academic institutions. APM members have at their disposal Body of Knowledge, the huge database of useful information built on APM’s long-term experience.


APM offers an access to online community, where the participants could benefit from taking part in discussions, raising a questions, connecting with the peers through different groups of professionals, researching the blog etc. Thus, APM enables their clients to gain better understanding of a particular aspect of project management and exchange the ideas with their interest group.


On APM’s menu, their specialist practitioners and speakers offer great opportunities to learn in an interactive way through the wide range of conferences and sessions. APM has also shared the lessons from the Olympic Games, held in 2012 in London, in the form of different events such as video interviews, podcasts, presentation slides, articles etc. Their regularly updated list of events is available in many places throughout the world as well as online webinars.

APM’s Valuable Contribution to Success

APM’s platform of Project Management is a valuable resource for any individual, company and academic institution interested in project management. The benefits gained through APM’s unique professional support are designed to get the recognition, polish management skills, and manage successfully the resources to achieve objectives. They are professionals which can make a difference and satisfy various needs of project’s stakeholders. For more information on APM, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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