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andy jordanMore and more businesses are initiating projects to improve internal systems and processes to ultimately increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. Many companies, however, do not have the internal resources such as project managers to implement their projects, so they partner with consulting firms. Most project managers make sure that the project is delivered on schedule, within budget, and within scope. And yet many of these projects are still considered failures by their stakeholders. It is now clear that stakeholders are not interested in just the deliverables, but what it will do for them. For Andy Jordan, managing scope, schedule, cost in terms of effort and in terms of money, risk, and quality, six constraints in all, will give a higher chance of project success.

Introducing Andy Jordan, PMP, and Business Consultant

Andy Jordan is a certified PMP since 2006. But even before, he has been a business professional managing high profile and business critical projects. He has wide experience in different industries performing leadership roles in project, program, and portfolio management. In 2007, he became more involved in consulting and founded Roffensian Consulting Inc., a boutique management consulting firm based in Ontario, Canada. Two reasons why Andy started his consulting firm were due to his dissatisfaction with other firms not living up to their “client first” promises, and the lack of consulting services available to small, rural companies that otherwise would not be able to afford the big firms.

Risk Management Expert, PMO Champion

Risks exist at every level, whether at the project level or a higher strategic level. Therefore, risk management should also happen at all levels, according to Andy Jordan. He recommends a partnership between the project manager and the PMO for better risk identification. The PMO has certain advantages since it has a broader perspective. On the one hand, risks that it has identified in one project can be communicated to project managers in similar situations. The project manager, on the other hand, can leverage the PMO’s knowledge and expertise to ensure that most of the risks are identified. By their definition, risks are unknown, and they are unique to individual projects. However, categories of risks are common, and the PMO’s expertise can provide risk analysis and response support to assist project managers in their individual projects.

Author and PM Article Contributor

Andy Jordan wrote Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations that was published in May 2013. The book aims to help senior executives make strategic decisions at the different levels of the organization in any industry they are in. ers praise the book not only for its innovative content that challenges the readers to think but also for Mr. Jordan’s loud-and-clear writing style. He is a regular article contributor to several PM websites such as and He has written over 300 articles about project, program, portfolio and risk management, PMO, and people development. He also has a blog called The People Side of Project Management.

andy jordan exceed expectations

Achieving Results through Exceptional Service and Staff Development

Andy Jordan recognizes that organizations and its needs are unique. That is why his team at Roffensian Consulting does not have a set process for managing work. They do not offer canned solutions, a sort of silver bullet to solve all clients’ problems, simply because it would not really be that particular client’s solution. Their approach is to provide exceptional service where engagement is considered completed only when the customer is satisfied. And focus is also in developing client staff, not just meeting project deliverables, so that they will have the capability to undertake similar future projects without the need to rely on outside support. Connect with Andy through his Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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