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an intro to prince2 front coverPRINCE2 is considered the most practiced PM methodology in the world. It is a flexible method that can be used regardless of project type or scale, and can be tailored to meet any organization’s or industry’s requirement. After the 2009 version, two editions have been published; Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 and Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2. The book An Introduction to PRINCE2: Managing and Directing Successful Projects is a high level guide to the updated PM method covering both ‘Managing’ and ‘Directing’ editions. The book is also aligned with the Best Practice Management Portfolio Guidance published by the Cabinet Office in June 2011.

Book Details

This paperback edition was published in January 2009 by The Stationery Office. It has 115 pages and is about 0.5 inch thick. The front cover displays the official logos of PRINCE2 and AXELOS at the upper portion, the title at the middle portion, and some texts and logos about being aligned to the 2011 edition as a best management practice product. The background shows a photo of some infrastructure and buildings. ISBN-10: 0113311885; ISBN-13: 978-0113311880


$30.84 – $45 for the paperback edition


Target Audience

An Introduction to PRINCE2 is for new and experienced project professionals interested to learn about this updated PM method. It is also for people who want to understand the basic concepts of project management before reading the two PRINCE2 official manuals.

What Customers Say

Amazon reader turki described the book as providing a good summary of the official handbooks. Recommends it to people in the administration field.

George Fertis stated that he enjoyed reading every page and would promote this best practice.

Content, Approach, Style

An Introduction to PRINCE2 is divided into 6 chapters and an appendix of product description outlines. Chapter 1 introduces the book and its purpose, provides some basic definitions of project, project management and PRINCE2 methodology. Chapter 2 discusses the 7 principles; Chapter 3 is about the 7 themes, and Chapter 4 explains the 7 processes. Chapter 5 details the Project Board duties and responsibilities, while the sixth and final chapter explains how to tailor the PM method in a program environment and according to scale.

The book uses figures, tables, bullet lists, definitions, and topic headers for easier reading. The paragraphs are of readable length. Special PM and business terms are used, with many of them defined and used in context for easy understanding.

Why Buy the Book

Getting updated and remaining relevant to a constantly changing world is important, and the same goes with project management best practices. An Introduction to PRINCE2 is a helpful guide that provides the proper introduction to the principles, processes and key themes of PRINCE2 and how the processes can be tailored and applied in practice. It will also serve as a refresher and reference guide.

Books that Complement

The PRINCE2 Practitioner by Colin Bentley is a must have reference for project managers looking for direction, tips and techniques in how to apply the principles to real-world scenarios.

Jonasson’s and Ingason’s Project Ethics is a valuable reference about how to tackle conflicts and issues with several ethical concepts.


The Office of Government Commerce was a UK Office whose purpose was to support procurement and acquisition process through policy and process guidance. It supported several initiatives to encourage better supplier relations, sustainable procurement and other framework agreements and electronic procurement instruments. It also acted as sponsor to best practice of project, program, risk and service management, which includes PRINCE2, MSP, and ITIL, among others, before it was closed in 2011. PRINCE2 is now owned by AXELOS, a joint venture between the UK Cabinet Office and Capita Plc.

$30.84 – $45 for the paperback edition


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