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Your marketing presence is paramount in the competitive cloud application marketspace. In your marketing mix, make sure you support a global presence including

Who can advertise with us?

We only offer advertising opportunities for web applications that are listed in our Web Apps Marketplace.

Prerequisite to becoming an advertiser

Prior to becoming an advertiser, you must submit your product to our marketplace. Once your product is accepted, you can become an advertiser by clicking the “Advertise” tab in the Administration Console. Products are approved periodically (usually, within 10 business days). For faster approval, feel free to contact us. Here our complete policies regarding the use of this site.

How it works and where the ads are displayed?

Every product listed in the Marketplace can get PPC-based ads. The higher you bid, the higher you get placed. The minimum bid amount for all ad types below is only USD$7.00 per click.

Top 10 Project Management Software

  • The top 10 bidders are displayed on the top 10 with their product’s logo and screenshots.

Category (Marketplace)

Right Sidebar (Outside Marketplace)

  • On the right sidebar of all software review blog posts, outside the marketplace.
  • Blog Post Example : see the right sidebar

Request a Software Review for your product

Our team of experts have reviewed several web apps and all reviews are available here. We would be delighted to review your product as well. Prior to review your product, you must submit it to our marketplace.

Our reviews are written objectively, not advertising-driven and focus on the following 10 points: Overview presentation, features, pricing, social network presence, target market, supported languages, some of your clients, testimonials, company info, and why we should use your software.

When you’re ready to proceed, please do the following

  • Purchase US$50 of PPC credits via the Administration Console, then contact us to request a software review.
  • Your software will be reviewed within 10 business days for free. The PPC credits bought will be used to receive visitors.

The Administration Console

The Administration Console is the advertiser’s management area. This is where you can manage your products and ads, view statistics and add funds to your account, as well as:
  • Manage your products’ descriptions, related categories, ad bids, upload screenshots and your logo.
  • View statistics such as the number of clicks as well as each click’s country/region of origin, operating system/browser used, and IP address.
  • Geo-target your audience (i.e. target users from specific countries).
  • View the other advertisers’ bids. Hence, you are aware of your competitors’ bidding strategy, so you can react strategically.
  • Track every transaction (payments) you make, such as pay-per-click credits.
  • View your account balance in real-time.
  • Empower multiple users to manage your account (products, ads, bids, etc.).

Campaign and Payment Settings

  • You can set a daily or monthly budget. This way, when your budget is reached, your ads no longer show up until the next day or month.
  • Whenever your ad is clicked, your account balance is debited in accordance with the bid value you set.
  • If your account balance reaches zero (0), your ad will go offline until you add funds to your account balance.
  • You can get notified when your account balance reaches zero (0) or any amount of your choice.
  • Only credit card payments are accepted. Wire transfers and checks are not accepted.
  • When adding funds to your account balance, we recommend you use our recurring payment options (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to avoid having to manually make a transaction whenever your account balance is low.

Ad Content Guidelines

In order to maintain a high-quality and relevant marketplace, we comply to several editing guidelines. When submitting your product to our marketplace, you must comply to the same guidelines.
  • Product description must contain between 150 to 250 characters.
  • A product description must never begin with the product name.
  • ABUSIVE CAPITALIZATION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Caps On All Words In A Description Is Not Allowed Either.
  • Superlatives are not accepted (e.g. The best product, the only product that does this and that, the first product, the hottest, the coolest, etc.).
  • Using a competitor’s product name in a sarcastic or ironic way is forbidden (e.g. Forget about product XYZ, use ABC).
  • Product keywords must be relevant to the product and/or the category it is associated with. Above-mentioned guidelines for description apply (e.g. capitalization, superlatives and sarcasm). As an example, PM Software are relevant keywords for a product associated with the Project Management category. However, “The hottest PM software” would be rejected.

Click Fraud Prevention

In order to prevent fraudulent clicks, we have deployed a monitoring application to ensure our customers get legitimate clicks only.
  • This application detects every click’s originating IP.
  • If your ad gets clicked more than once from the same IP, within a short time frame, you will get charged for one click only.
If you suspect fraudulent clicks, do not hesitate to contact us so we can investigate together and apply a refund if need be.