ActivTrak Announces New Premium Insights for Teams in the New Hybrid Workplace

ActivTrak PremiumActivTrak, the Austin-based workforce analytics software company, recently announced the offering of its new ActivTrak Premium version designed for teams in a hybrid workplace. ActivTrak Premium promises to provide organizations new insights to help them better understand and optimize productivity. It is an innovative solution that helps companies unlock productivity potential, specifically across complex work environments, while empowering employees to work wiser.

The challenges of hybrid work

With a lot of options to choose from, why do businesses need another productivity management tool? In 2017, lost productivity cost companies around the world an estimated $7 trillion. In response to the pandemic that started last year, companies are placing employees in hybrid work models, allowing them to work remotely or in the offices as and when they wish. But with this new setup comes new set of challenges that give organizations difficulty in assessing productivity and keeping a pulse on employee well-being.

Companies need a better productivity management tool. It’s true that hybrid work and blended ways of working provide flexibility and autonomy that allow companies to bypass the limitations of set schedules and physical locations. But it also introduced new problems, including increased risks of distraction, disconnection, isolation, and digital exhaustion. Without supporting structures and resources, employees may feel lost, overwhelmed, and burned out.

New experience, uncharted territory

In this new hybrid work model, where do employees look for guidance? Business leaders admit that organizations have little experience working in hybrid teams, so standard methods and approaches are lacking. With limited best practices to follow, employees resort to trial and error but fail to set routines and boundaries that give them job satisfaction and well-being.

Companies need better insights. ActivTrak Premium provides a real-time digital pulse of work, no matter when or where people are working. “Our goal is to ensure that hybrid work is productive work while helping employees feel fulfilled and supported in achieving healthy habits and work-life balance,” said Tim Calamari, Vice President, Network, IT & Applications, Globalstar, Inc. “ActivTrak helps us provide meaningful insights to teams, so managers can work with employees to create a more positive work experience.”

ActivTrak Premium – Uncover hidden potential

What is ActivTrak Premium and what can it do for teams in hybrid workspaces? “The success of hybrid work models requires a new generation of analytics and insights that can help teams work wiser, understand barriers to individual and team performance, and hone healthy work habits that drive better results,” said Rita Selvaggi, CEO of ActivTrak. “ActivTrak Premium helps companies create a culture where data-informed insights ensure employees feel valued and empowered to do their best work.”

ActivTrak Premium includes easy-to-use dashboards and reports that compile and correlate productivity data so teams can quickly spot patterns and signals. Organizations can set and track goals against benchmarks while continually providing managers and employees with insights. The availability of this new perspective enables individuals to self-manage and self-motivate. The data-driven reports and employee-centered dialogue also allow them to improve on strengths and weaknesses.


Activtrak Premium features

ActivTrak Premium includes new features ideal for optimizing productivity performance, business processes, and outcomes.

Focused work analysis

ActivTrak Premium provides workforce insights across people, processes, and technology to help organizations work wiser. Users can get insights in how long teams are able to stay focused without interruptions. They can view total work hours versus the number of productive and focused hours, track productive and focused time versus goals set by teams, and compare team efficiency to an organization’s average.

ActivTrak Premium - productive time breakdown

Top workplace distractions

The workforce analytics software lets you analyze the impact of non-business activities and attention shifts during work time. Reports help you understand which apps and sites affect productivity and focused work. You can view where time is spent to highlight unnecessary distractions and attention shifts created by inefficient workflows.

Workload balance

ActivTrak Premium provides insights that let you assess where working hours are consistently high to identify team members who need support. View work habits across teams to identify those that work long hours and off-hours on a consistent basis. You can set utilization thresholds and see how settings impact team classification (overutilized, healthy, underutilized) and rebalance where people spend their time.

ActivTrak Premium - workload balance

Employee burnout

The software helps identify employees at risk of burnout, individuals with low levels of engagement, and contributing factors such as digital exhaustion. Reports help you understand team member utilization levels by week, month, or year. You can also view the average number of breaks per user per day within a selected date range.

Technology usage and adoption

ActivTrak Premium gives you an understanding of which applications and websites employees use most, so you can invest in the right technologies and training. View how your team uses technology and measure adoption changes across teams. It identifies frequency of use and duration across top apps/sites and categories. You can analyze adoption trends for specific apps/sites and categories by clicking and drilling down for more detail.

ActivTrak Premium - technology usage

Personal productivity insights

The productivity management tool helps individual team members hone their healthy work habits. It provides insights into personal work habits so employees can understand what hinders or enables their own productivity. They can collaborate with managers on opportunities to rebalance workloads or adjust working hours. Team members can compare activity habits to team goals and trends. They can also view focus time versus attention shift time and evaluate the apps/sites most involved in attention shifts.

ActivTrak Premium - personal insights

Benchmarks and goal setting

ActivTrak Premium helps you assess your team’s typical productivity levels and what they can usually achieve. Use historic benchmarks to set and track future goals across teams. View benchmarks and trends for productivity and focus across a team’s top quartile and average for yesterday, last week, the last 4 weeks, and the last 12 weeks. You can also view daily trends to understand how productivity and focus have changed in the previous 12 weeks.

Managing future project teams

Some companies are encouraging employees to return to the office, but many would like to remain a fully remote company. In between, a few companies announced hybrid working is how they plan to work going forward. As project teams adapt to hybrid work models, they will face challenges such as ease of collaboration, deep engagements, transparent communication, and well-being. At the same time, they have the opportunity to work on well-designed project spaces in the office, plan in-person meet-ups or away days, and use collaborative project management software and workforce analytics such as ActivTrak Premium.


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