actiTIME Announces Redesigned Navigation, New Features

actitime logo redesignactiTIME online time tracking software recently launched several exciting features and a redesigned UI in the past few months. The web timesheet software provides users a convenient way to track time in a friendly-looking timesheet. Some of these new features include an easy way to select users that can generate a report, a colorful way to include charts in reports, more options to accrue time off, the much awaited sick days balance, and a new look and feel.

Redesigned Navigation

actiTIME allows easy time entry with its user-friendly interface even in the past. Now, a redesigned UI gets an even better look and feel. Everything users may need to work productively is just a click away. Under the Settings menu, users can manage their Work Schedule as well as Notifications they receive from the system. Another UI improvement is a quick way to choose users who can generate a Time-Track in Detail report. This report provides all time-track information including users comments, and those with Generate Time Reports permission can create this report. Now, there is a Staff Selector where they can specify a user or even a whole department.

actitime new navigation

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Charts in Reports

The latest actiTIME version is more colorful and informative with bright visual charts in reports. Users can include charts that display information their total working hours, leave hours, billable amounts, and more. To build charts, users select the the information they would like displayed, which can include date range, user groups and specific projects. They can select from 3 different types of charts and several colors. Their chart configurations can be saved and added to their dashboards. They can then share their reports by exporting them into PDF and printing them.

actitime export chart

Sick Days Balance

actiTIME time tracking software includes in its latest release the much-requested and long-awaited Sick Days Balance. Even before, the software has been capable of paid time-off (PTO) balance calculations. Now, in addition to PTO, it is possible for users to set up a balance for calculating sick days. With this feature activated, the software automates sick days accrual and calculation of an employee’s balance. When users create a leave type, it should be defined whether it affects PTO or Sick Days balance. Accrual rules can be set and balances can be reviewed. Users can also generate a Leave Time and Balances report that displays both calculations.

actitime sick days chart

More Accrue Time-Off Options

actiTIME allows users to define general paid time-off accrual rules for the organization. In the past, employees can automatically accrue on a weekly or monthly basis. A recently added feature now allows users to set accrual rules on a yearly or on hire date basis. Personal PTO settings are linked to the default setting, so changing the default in the System Settings affects users’ accrual rules. However, changing user-specific PTO settings in the User List will not be affected by changes in the default PTO setting. The presence of more options allow flexibility and greater customization for more types of work settings in an organization. To learn more of the new features in their latest release, visit their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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