AceProject’s New Dynamic Task Gantt Chart and other Updates

aceproject-logoAceProject announced some cool new features in the latest release of the project management software. Continuing with improvements on task management, it now has a new Task Gantt chart that resembles the Project Gantt chart. Also included in the updated version is a time-saving feature that allows multiple selection of items in lists using the Shift + mouse click action. There are also faster navigational options with new buttons and links.

New Task Gantt Chart

AceProject project management software has replaced its Task Gantt with a new chart more consistent with the functionality of the Project Gantt chart. Using the same technical component as the Project Gantt, the new Task Gantt chart is accessible from the Tasks>Gantt option on the left main menu. It took a while to implement this enhancement but was finalized by the development team last month with great results and satisfaction.

aceproject task gantt

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The new Task Gantt has features that help users become more efficient through a more intuitive interface that brings simplified user experience. For example, ordering of tasks can be done within the Gantt chart. Because it is more interactive, users can modify the start and end dates visually. Just by clicking and dragging boxes, new dates will be set, which will automatically reorder the list. Also, task dependencies can be set directly within the chart. By clicking the end node of a box and dragging it to the start node of the box of another task, a dependency will be created and dates will be adjusted accordingly. Clicking on the dependency will bring out a dialog box to enter a lag time.

aceproject gantt dependencies

The new Task Gantt on this latest AceProject release also allows users to change and update the percent progress visually within the chart. The darker color of the two-toned box indicates the percent progress and can be dragged as progress completion on the task increases. Status update should be edited manually however. The chart can be saved or copied as an image to be included in an external report. There are also filters and other details that can be added on the chart to provide relevant information as a report. Column widths can be adjusted further for better visuals. An Export to PNG icon will display the image in the browser, and a right mouse click provides options for saving or copying.

aceproject gantt image

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Bulk Select

Another enhancement included in this latest release is the support to select multiple items for bulk actions. Task lists and other lists usually have check boxes in front of each item. By clicking a check box of an item in that list, pressing the Shift button, and clicking the check box of another item, all items in between those two check boxes will also be selected or deselected. This time-saving action removes the need for the user to select or deselect one check box or item at a time.

aceproject bulk select

Other Improvements

AceProject project management software also now loads a large number of tasks faster with performance enhancements. On the Edit Task page, a “+ Add a New Task” is added to the Save and Update button. Also, in the email notification for approval or rejection of a timesheet, a link is now included to bring the user to the timesheet in question. The option to add Gantt Chart as a page by default has also been added. Several bug fixes were also completed on the different modules and on the Android app. To learn more of what has been updated, please visit their social media pages: Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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