AceProject Welcomes Spring 2015 with Exciting Enhancements

aceproject-logoAceProject has announced its latest release at the onset of spring this 2015. Some major enhancements include a simplified way of adding items at any page in the application, more options to add tasks, and continued enhancement of the Task Gantt chart. The latest release of the project management software also enables users to maximize the concept of the current user variable, the option to enforce strong passwords and set its expiration.

New Quick Add and Add Tasks Features

AceProject continues to make enhancements so users can have a convenient and intuitive interface. The latest release implements a restructuring of the top right area of the screen to accommodate a very handy Quick Add button. With this button, users now can add tasks, time, time clock, expense, users or client. Because of the screen area change, the Administration button now can be accessed through the Settings icon on the top right.

aceproject top right

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Also, adding tasks has become easier with a new option either using text mode or grid mode to create several new tasks at once. With text mode, the text area can also accept input copied and pasted from a file with the correct format. Adding in grid mode is simply by filling in fields one after another. Using this time-saving feature, it is not even necessary to enter dates in either mode as they can easily be added later on in the Task Gantt Chart dynamically.

aceproject add task modes

More Direct Edits in Task Gantt Chart

AceProject now allows more direct edits in the latest release. Task summaries, dates, progression and more can be directly changed within the chart. The grid area on the left side of the chart is now editable. Also noticeable is a today marker clearly indicating the current date in the chart. Moreover, an infinite horizontal scroll was included in this release that is activated when the cursor meets the edge of the chart. Selecting and moving an item to past or future dates up to the edge of the chart also results in a similar effect. The Task Gantt is also now available at the individual Project level with filters.

aceproject task gantt 1

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“Me ” (current user) Variable

For faster navigation and efficient use of the application, AceProject now implements the concept of the “me ” variable, which is a filter to show the current user. This appears in the user drop-down combo box throughout the application. A practical use of this is when making custom task reports per user. Instead of one person making 20 different task reports for 20 users, each user can execute the report in their own account and show only those tasks related to the respective user.

aceproject me variable

Enforce Strong Password Option and more

AceProject included a whole lot more enhancements, improvements and fixes in this latest release. Among them is the option to enforce strong passwords for users. A strong password is defined as made up of at least 7 characters long, and containing three of this four requirements: one uppercase letter, one lowercase, a digit, and a symbol. Previously entered passwords cannot be repeated. Also, the administrator can separately or in combination with strong passwords activate expiration. The amount of time in days can be set to expire an existing password. A setting of zero means the password never expires.

aceproject strong password

Other changes include a Task Summary field now up to 100 characters from the previous 75, a delete link in the Project>Document search area, a level of progress tab on the Time Clock pop-up, and dependency lines now visible when exporting Task Gantt charts to PNG format. To know more about the latest enhancements and changes, visit AceProject’s Facebook, YouTube, Google+ or Twitter page. See the original post here. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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