AceProject Updates Their Android Version With Packed Features and Performance Boost

aceproject-logoAceProject, a free collaboration-oriented project management software, revealed in the early part of April 2016 of their revised Android version. After they developed on their iOS9 version in March 2015, the updated Android app now comes with rich features along with improvements in its performance. The most recent version enables users to keep a track on the progress of their work, organize and manage their tasks, and collaborate with other members while on the move easily and effectively. The process of adding new tasks, changing status besides adding and viewing documents have been made super easy with this updated app.

Attach Documents

The Android App from AceProject allows users to store, get access and share their task documents easily and securely. All of these can be done as easily as when they use the browser versions on their desktops. Devices with Android 4.1 version or higher can accommodate users who want to attach either single or multiple documents to any task. Images or documents stored in the photo gallery app or from cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Box, Google Docs or other apps that are installed can be attached to tasks for appropriate documentation of a project. Users can also use their phone camera to take images and attach them while keeping them stored securely in the cloud which can be accessed easily.



Enhancements in Performance

Besides the visible features, the updated Android app from AceProject improves rapid rendering and speedy loading functionality. As a result, users can easily add documents while building tasks without waiting for long periods and get disorganized or rattled in whatever they are trying to accomplish. The process of downloading and viewing documents on mobile devices has become easier with the latest update. It’s hard for users to get stuck along the way. Scrolling has also become significantly faster and additionally fluid, giving users a wonderful experience while working on a small-sized screen.


Improvements in Usability

The updated Android App by AceProject also has some improvements on how customers will be using the tool. It has fewer taps and slides compared to the previous version but it ensures that all the work gets done smoothly. Recent documents are listed at the top so that users can reach and recall them fast, similar to how it’s done on the desktop version. Users can now update or alter the status of a task, add comment and time on the task in an easy way.


More Information

The Android App updated by AceProject is available in its version 9.0.16 and is approximately 1.3MB in size. You can get it on the Google Play Store. It is best suited for Android devices of version 4.1 or even higher. This upgrade stretches the SaaS web version to allow users to create, manage and update their projects besides attaching documents, tracking the work and much more. This software is also available on Windows Phone and iOS like tablets. Visit their Twitter, Facebook or YouTube pages to get more information on the latest software updates.



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