AceProject Rolls Out Enhancements in June 2015 Release

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aceproject-logoAceProject celebrated the arrival of summer with new features and functionality to help its users better manage their projects, tasks, timesheets and other project documents. Summer usually invites people to relax a little. However, the development team worked hard on enhancements and improvements so that users can do more with less actions. The latest release now includes an upgraded Gantt chart with even more editable functions, a new menu system that removes the need for multiple clicks, custom time report improvements and more. In a way, users can relax a little more because it now takes less effort to use the application that continues to get more things done.

Gantt Chart Enhancements

AceProject introduced a powerful Task Gantt last April, and it just made this feature even stronger. In the latest June release, all fields in the grid portion of the Gantt are editable. Users can easily edit tasks, dates, assigned resources and even the status just by clicking the item in the field and modifying it. In combination with the Quick Add feature, it is simple to rapidly add 10 tasks, edit the names in the grid, select users, set dates, and click-and-drag dependencies, all centrally in one location. Users can show or hide fields and resize them as they want. In just a few clicks, users can quickly set up their new projects.

aceproject june 2015-a

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The Gantt chart now also has a selection of view modes. Users can choose to see only the grid, or only the diagram, or both grid and diagram, which is the default. The dependency dialogue has also been modified to give the user the option to set if its mandatory or not, without the need to set the value on the Edit Task page. All modifications and features in the Task Gantt have been ported to the Project Gantt.

aceproject june 2015-b

Additional Menu System

AceProject also included a new cool menu system that allows faster access to many functionalities with fewer clicks. The previous navigation system is still available for those who have gotten used to it. However, users can now notice a full menu from the drop-down of a project tab. One significant benefit of this additional menu system is that users can access a Task Gantt of one project and then swiftly go to another Task Gantt of another project, again with fewer clicks. Users can go back and forth to specific pages of different projects such as time reports just as easily.

aceproject june 2015-c

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Custom Time Report

This Summer 2015 release also now has a Custom Time Report area that follows the Custom Task Report model. From this page, users can add, set filters, and save/generate multiple time reports whether for different periods such as monthly or weekly, or for selected users or specific user groups. These reports can be edited after, be made Private or shared to the Public so that users with the proper rights can access and run these reports on their interface. Reports can be marked also to show on the bottom right section of the Dashboard.

aceproject june 2015-d

Other Enhancements and Improvements

The latest AceProject release now also allows the approval of time from the time item dialogue, in addition to allowing it from the Time Approval main page. Again, time approvers will have fewer clicks to get work done. Another improvement is on Normal users with Full task editing rights who now can select multiple tasks and make batch updates. With “Copy this user” enhancement, Admins can copy the settings of one user and create others in batch with the same user settings.

aceproject june 2015-e

This summer, AceProject users can relax while doing more with less navigation and command clicks with its latest enhancements. To get updates and the latest news, visit their Facebook, Google+, YouTube or Twitter page. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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