AceProject October 2015 Release: More Powerful and Intuitive

aceproject-logoAceProject cloud-based project management software recently announced the enhancements and improvements included in the October 2015 release. Users now have a simpler way to manage resources and task assignments from a single page. Finding project items is also faster with a new search area in the filters list. Also, a few screen changes have been made for a more intuitive user experience. All these combine to bring a PM application that is easier to use, resulting in greater productivity for its users.

Multiple Task Assignments

AceProject brings efficiency to the next level, regardless if you have a large or small project, many or few resources. First, the Multiple Task Assignments function is now more visible on the Project/Edit Project pages. The project manager can select a user and the grid will be able to display All Tasks, All Incomplete Tasks, or All Complete Tasks. From this page, it is quick and easy to assign a user a specific role for the task, either as Assigned or as Reviewer. Two new columns were added displaying the currently assigned users and reviewers of a task. Also, a scroll was added to aide in the display of fields with a large number of items.

This enhancement comes handy in instances where a new user is added to an existing project. From this screen, it will be quick to have new users assigned to tasks or have them familiarize with the new project by first becoming a reviewer of tasks completed by others.

Multiple Task Assignments

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New Search Area Within Filters

AceProject offers a unique collection of features with intuitive interfaces that provide a simplified user experience. It is simple to find items within projects with the help of filters. However, when there are many items still contained within the filter list, it will consume much time just to go over a long list. Now, in the latest October 2015 release, a search header appears at the top where users can easily type for the items being search. And as letters are typed, the list is instantly filtered further to match the combination of letters being entered. This feature is available throughout the application.

The first item in the list is preselected needing only the Enter key to accept it. For those with hundreds or thousands of projects, users or clients, this will dramatically cut down the time spent on searching.

aceproject filtersearch 2

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Screen Cosmetic Improvements

AceProject listens to customer feedback, and from a few user comments, some cosmetic changes have been applied to the latest release. For instance, in the Custom Time and Custom Task Report functionalities, the Update and Generate buttons on the action panel have been placed inversely. A similar inversing has been applied with the Create and Open Project buttons on the Add Project tab.

aceproject inverse buttons

Also, for more screen space, the left menu now supports Show/Hide and can be hidden or displayed. By using the small collapse/expand arrow, just like on the right panel, users can have a wider screen space to be able to see more fully, for example, their Gantt charts. You can hide the left menu permanently since all application shortcuts are available using the menus from the top panel.

Show hide menu aceproject

Other Improvements and Fixes

In addition, the latest AceProject October 2015 release also includes having a default button in all pop-ups for an action to happen using the Enter key. A new toggle system for module enable/disable is in place in the Administration>Overview area. Clicking on a task link within an email notification opens the task directly without adding the project to the Project tab area. For more of the latest news and updates, look at their Change History page. Also, visit AceProject’s YouTube, Google+, or Facebook page. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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