AceProject Latest Enhancements as of September 2014

aceproject-logoAceProject project tracking and collaboration software has made available a number of enhancements from its Fall 2014 release. The development team continues to add improvements and tweaks to give users a better experience in organizing work, tracking projects, and collaborating with people. They started last summer when they introduced time clock pop-ups and other dialogue boxes that enabled users to start or end time without leaving the pages they were working on, among others. This September latest enhancement includes documents associated with comments, enhanced image preview tool, color-coded marked task levels, and more pop-up boxes.

Document Associated with Comment

AceProject has made it very easy to collaborate on project tasks with comments. It also has a very efficient document management and sharing feature. Bringing it together, documents can now be associated with task comments. No need to go back and forth trying to remember which comment is for what document. They are all together in one place, and users will not miss it with the new document icon displayed just above the comment field. Now, collaborating on that task just got easier.

aceproject document comment

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New Image Preview Tool

Last June, AceProject introduced a preview function able to go through multiple attachments. The September latest enhancement provides a new image preview tool with slideshow navigation buttons to show previous, play and next image. In addition, it also has an expand tool to show a larger image. Users can easily move throughout the image and view an area using scroll bars to move up or down and left or right. They do not need to worry about having to download an image attachment in order to view it as they can easily expand, make the preview larger and see enough of what they need to see.

aceproject image preview

Marked Task Levels

AceProject is giving users more capability in organizing their tasks with marked task levels. Previously, it was just a simple on or off state, and that was of some help. But now, users have the option to use six different colors in marking their tasks by cycling through the colors until they settle on their choice. This mark can be used to indicate different levels of priority or different task categories. Moreover, they can filter the tasks and order their listing by color, so users immediately see not only what type of tasks needs to be done, but also which one needs to be done first.

aceproject marked tasks

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Pop-up Dialogues

Several time savers have been included in this latest AceProject release with more pop-up dialogue boxes on a few more pages. For example, the Copy/Move Task takes place in a pop-up box so page refresh is not required. Also, the Edit Expense can be completed in a pop-up dialogue box, keeping users focused and in context with what they are doing. Usergroup modification and creation also can be accomplished through a pop-up box.

aceproject edit expense popup

Other Enhancements and Modifications

This AceProject Fall 2014 release also comes with subtler improvements and changes. Marked task levels also apply to Custom Task Reports in the Dashboard as well as marked Projects. For recurring tasks, a new Standby status is available to temporarily interrupt the creation of tasks. Some fixes were also made to show a Select All box for recurrences at the project level. The Import Data screen layout has been improved. Also, the importing of tasks and users are now all completed through the API for more flexibility and better error tracking. Learn more about the latest with AceProject project management software through their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube pages. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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