AceProject Latest Enhancements as of October 2014

aceproject-logoAceProject project management software released its latest enhancements early this month. Although the September release provided a great number of new features and improvements, this latest release contains a number of treats and tweaks as well. The AceProject team continues to add features that make the project collaboration and time tracking application efficient, reliable and easy to use. Enhancements include a new way to create tasks via forwarded email, a larger and more reliable document storage facility, and more opportunities to optimize API usage.

Forward Email to Create Task

AceProject has intuitive user interface that has been refined over time to bring a great user experience. However, there are times that users may have to work on other applications such as email. With email integration, users even before have been able to create tasks on the PM software by composing a new email and entering details. Now, there is no more need to do these steps. With a few clicks, a user can just forward an email to create a task by pasting a system-provided address. To get this address, users should go to the Edit Project page of the particular project that the email is intended to go. On this page, they should click the Link icon, copy the email address, and forward emails to this address every time they wanted to create a task.

aceproject forward email
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Creating Projects: A Video Tutorial

A good number of video tutorials exist for AceProject customers who want to learn quickly how to navigate and use the project management software. In this short video, they can learn fast and simple ways to create a project. They are guided to the different pages and buttons to create a new project or use a template. The details and advantages of each method are discussed.


The user is given a clear walkthrough of how to create a new project using the “Create a project ” option using a system-default template. Options such as status, type, priority, and estimated dates are presented and added as shown in pop-up menus and dropdown lists. The users are also guided how to add users to the project and assign tasks to them. The different ways to access the Edit Project page are also shown.

Documents Stored on Amazon

AceProject announced in this release that documents are now stored strictly in Amazon US-based facilities. This means that customers are assured of greater reliability and security for their online documents. Also, this change removes the previous 70 GB storage limit, because users can now request to expand their storage as much as they want to.

aceproject amazon servers
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AceProject API Usage

The project management software’s API provides users several ways to extend functionality by allowing them to create special reports, automating them, and connecting to other external applications and processes. Its popularity has increased significantly, and more accounts have been monitored to be using AceProject’s API. At times, this high usage has affected the system and its performance, so users will soon be receiving suggestions how to optimize their API calls.

aceproject api usage

Social Media and Other Improvements and Fixes

Aside from noticeable and impactful changes, under-the-hood improvements and fixes are completed for every release. Fixes in this release include corrections in task history, automatic new task number assignment, and expense edit accessibility for users with limited rights. Continue to follow the latest updates about AceProject through their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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