AceProject Latest Enhancements as of May 2014

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aceproject-logoThe developers of AceProject strongly believe in continuous improvement and they consistently seek to make the software better for users. The latest enhancements as of May 2014 are aimed at increased productivity for users. By making some aspects more user-friendly and reducing the steps in carrying out some functions, AceProject has made it possible for users to save time and get more work done with a high level of effectiveness.

Video Access Through Dashboard

New users will benefit from the series of videos which have been created to enhance the use of AceProject. They are good reference guides and give a quick but comprehensive view of the rudiments of AceProject and all the latest enhancements. The videos are easily accessible from the dashboard screen.


Menu Standardization

It is now easier to navigate throughout the site with the standardization of the menus. This enhancement allows the same menu items to be available throughout the interface. While a user may be in the project settings tab, they can navigate to a page in the Home settings by simply clicking on the specific item in the menu which is readily available in the project area. This includes fewer steps than before, and therefore, saves time and makes it more user-friendly.


Client Manageability by Normal Users

The improved AceProject software is also more flexible with regards to the management of clients. Prior to this only users with administrator privileges could manage or add clients. However, due to the latest improvements, normal users who are assigned the ‘Can Manage Clients’ rights are able to carry out this function. The ‘Right’ can be assigned by simply selecting it in the Access Rights section of the user profile.


Time Entry Pop-ups

Another time saving enhancement that has been added is the time entry pop-ups feature. This feature allows the user to enter time in a pop-up window rather than navigating away from the page that they are currently using and waiting for another page to load. This is more user- friendly and efficient for users.


Moving Expense Between Projects

The recent enhancements include the ability to move expenses between projects. Previously, an expense once assigned to a project could not be moved to another project, even if it was done in error. Users can now reassign an expense by simply opening that expense item in ‘My Expenses’ and selecting the appropriate project to which the expense is to be assigned.


Project Documents Enhancement

AceProject has made a number of improvements in this area, such as the provision for edits to be made with regards to a project document name and description directly. Additionally, the security function has been updated and users can lock or unlock a document without refreshing the page. There is also a new and convenient sorting function, while the document tree has been more appropriately located on the page.


Copy Task Recurrence Setting

Users can now copy task recurrences when creating a new project from a template if they desire. However, once copied, the user will have to manually activate the recurrences within the new project.  This is easily done as the option to set or remove a date is readily available on the page.


Performance Enhancements

Accounts with large numbers of users, projects and tasks will most quickly notice the benefits of the latest enhancements as they navigate through the various aspects of the software. This is because page loading is one of the main areas in which efficiency has been improved. All the improvements are primarily aimed at reducing time consumption. Also, see the AceProject website. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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