AceProject Latest Enhancements as of June 2014

aceproject-logoAs more and more users are coming on board, AceProject is hard at work to give them a simplified and better user experience. The latest enhancements included in the project management software this June 2014 continues with the theme of helping the user become more productive and making the interface easier to understand especially to new clients. As usual, some of the features requested by the users have made it in this latest version, keeping AceProject a most relevant and effective project and time tracking software.

Time Clock Pop-up

People know that in business, every minute counts. The new Time Clock pop-up exemplifies this fact. It used to be on a separate page where users have to go to start or end the time, and then navigate back to the page where they were working before. This action is time consuming, and sometimes, the interruption creates a loss of focus, creating more delays. Not anymore. The latest version of AceProject provides several ways to open the Time Clock pop-up, either from the Time>My Time Clock menu or the icon on the top of the page. Upon closing the pop-up, users are still on the same page they were before bringing up the clock.

aceproject timeclock popup

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User Assistant

A user-requested feature called the User Assistant is now included in the project management software. It is a faster and helpful way to add users. The Assistant will guide the administrator step by step in adding and setting up as many new users as required. From the Dashboard, the user can click the Add User button, then the Advanced Mode option. A pop-up window will appear which allows the user to choose either the Grid Mode or the Text Mode. With the Text Mode, users can copy and paste user lists with the proper entry format. The Grid Mode is an intuitive way to add a user by filling up text fields with the option of creating a default user or copying the settings of an existing user.

aceproject user assistant

Enhanced Edit Project Page

Parameters of a project such as status, type and priority can be edited directly from the enhanced Edit Page. Users do not have to go to the Administration configuration page to modify these parameters and consume more time with extra navigational clicks. Each parameter field has an edit icon beside it that when clicked will launch a pop-up. For example, adding a new status in AceProject called “To Verify” is as simple as typing the name, choosing the type (In Progress), and clicking Save. Deleting this status is as simple as clicking the edit icon beside the field, clicking Delete and confirming the action.

aceproject edit project

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Preview Document Slideshow

The latest version of the project management software includes a preview for documents with multiple attachments. From the Documents page, the user can choose to open a document from a list. After clicking the preview icon for that document, a preview of an attachment will be displayed. If the document contains several attachments, a left (previous) and right (next) arrow appears on the image when the mouse is hovered over the preview. The user can now go back and forth easily to preview the attachments.

aceproject preview slideshow

Other Enhancements and Modifications

Aceproject’s latest enhancements include additional minor features, modifications and fixes. For instance, In the Edit Expense page, a new attachment section has been added, as well as a new “Text to search” feature on the Expense Approval filter panel which allows searches in some of the fields. An expense can now be transferred to another project, and must be rejected first before it can be deleted. For projects that were created from a template, a pop-up dialogue now can show the parent-child relationship and provide a quick way to access these projects. There are also modifications for improved links and spell checks, as well as fixes for incorrect or non-functioning items. To know more about the latest on AceProject, please visit their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook. Google+ and YouTube. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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