AceProject Latest Enhancements as of April 2014

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AceProject’s February enhancements on the time clock, document management and overall interface design have made it a more solid project tracking application. As the season changes in some parts of the world towards a warmer temperature, things are starting to heat up in software development as well. The result of meaningful effort and activities has finally surfaced to bring out the latest enhancements this April. With a focus on more ease of use, quicker changes, better user control and clearer statuses, AceProject time tracking and collaboration tool breaks the ice to get things started for another exciting rest-of-the-year.

Task Document Editing

It is easy to attach project files to a task. Project documents help users complete tasks with better understanding. AceProject understands the importance of having the correct document as the basis of tasks, so it keeps it secure even on the web. However, there are times that editing the document is necessary to keep it updated and relevant. The latest enhancement now adds an Edit Document interface to facilitate simple changes to the document such as its version number, name, and description. From the Task Document List, click the Edit link to show the new interface. This new interface also has checkboxes to lock/unlock the document and share it publicly without a need for page reload.

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Direct Task Parameter Changes

Continuing with the mission of better user experience and interface design, the project manager can now change task parameters directly from the Edit Task page. Administrators can add and/or modify parameters such as status, group, type and priority with a pop-up dialogue. This can also be accessed through the Manage area. This leads to fewer mouse clicks, simpler navigation and faster refresh.

Time Management Settings

AceProject’s great time tracking features is one of its advantages over other PM tools. The latest enhancements on time management have made it more powerful. A new configuration is available for the project managers to control how users enter time. There is an option to allow or not allow users to enter time on completed tasks. This can be further configured if the setting applies to projects only, tasks only or to both.

Also, there is now the option to control whether users will be allowed to modify time clock start time and/or end time. Moreover, a nightshift mode has been added to solve the spillover of time to the next day. With the new time management settings, administrators can opt to activate the nightshift mode and place all time entry on the first day rather than split the time to two days. These settings can also be applied to projects, tasks or to both.

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Time and Expense Custom Status Types

User feedback continues to be one of the sources of improvement of AceProject, so requests remain a crucial part of the software’s transformation and evolution. A popular user request is the ability to add time and expense status types. Without a surprise, this feature is now available with the latest April release. From administration, go to configuration and a Time Status and Expense Status is added. To add a status to an approved (or rejected) expense item, add a new expense status, for example, Paid. Then going back to a project, then to the expense approval window, a new Paid status is available on the selection of statuses that can be set to a selected project.

Other enhancements and modifications

AceProject latest enhancements for April are not limited to new features but also include modifications of existing functions as well as bug fixes. For instance, appearance of pages has been made more consistent with uniform header sections. The size of texts also has been modified in several places such as the personal notepad for a clearer and cleaner presentation. Be updated by following them on their social network pages: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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