AceProject Aims Toward Efficiency for December 2015 Release

aceproject-logoAceProject is a widely popular cloud-based project management tool that continues to attract users with its ever-improving usability and user-friendliness. For their December 2015 release, they have focused towards enhancements of available features and bug fixes. The enhancements include the ability to open tasks in a new browser window, sorting criteria based on assigned users, dividing the task history into multiple tiers, and other similar improvements. They have also fixed a couple of bugs such as linked child project not being created on the creation of a template project. Steadily, AceProject is turning into a flawless platform.

Open Tasks in a Separate Tab

AceProject have added this enhancement to allow users to open many tasks at once in different tabs of the same browser window. Now you can simple press CTRL + click on a task summary to open it in a new tab. The new page opens on the task edit page allowing the user to make changes quickly. The tab headings contain the task number and name so the user can differentiate easily between several tasks.


In addition, a visual indicator has also been added that can simply be clicked to achieve the same purpose of opening the task in a new tab.


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Sorting/Ordering Reviewers and Assigned Fields

AceProject now lets users to sort the ‘Reviewers’ and ‘Assigned’ fields in a task list. The ordering can also be added via the ‘Show/Hide Columns’ dialog box, and the fields can either be ordered in an ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header. The sorting will always use the first user based on the alphabetic order when there are multiple assigned users.


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Organized Task History and Other Improvements

The ‘Task History’ page on AceProject has now been divided into multiple tiers to clearly demonstrate the changing of several items in a single task update.


Similarly among other improvements, the heading of the opened tabs now contain the context of the page to allow users to work through easily if they have multiple opened tabs. In addition, when create a new project by using a previously used project template, the description is filled in automatically if the template project contains the description. For a detailed breakthrough of improvements/bug fixes for December, see the Change History here. For more updates and news, and staying up-to-date with the latest at AceProject, visit their Facebook, Google+, YouTube or Twitter page. If you need a great extension to AceProject, we recommend

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