Access Asana and Basecamp in Spanish or French through Bridge24

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Bridge24-LogoMore and more businesses are entering, expanding and competing globally. The Internet has made it easier for them to do so. Globalization also promotes and supports distributed teams, where different teams or team members are located in different locations or regions. However, it is important for these teams no matter where they are to have a central system or workspace to keep everyone on the same page. Project management software like Asana and Basecamp are very popular in the US. Now, what happens if teams work in a different continent or speak a different language? Bridge24 fills in the gap once more.

Available in English, Spanish or French

Bridge24 is a web-based add-on for Asana, Basecamp, AceProject and Trello. It extends and expands the functionality of these popular productivity applications so that users can work with their data with more flexibility. Through Bridge24, users can now access their Asana and Basecamp data in Spanish or French. Users can be more confident in creating, editing, searching and reporting information and tasks they are assigned to, with less possibility of confusion or misinterpretation. With fewer things to worry about, they can focus on tasks and deadlines, so that projects are efficiently tracked and delivered.


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Asana Data in Selected Language Setting

Users using Bridge24 connect with their Asana account in one-click. All information and its update happen in real-time. Now, native French or Spanish speakers can view their Asana information with the language setting of their choice. For example, if they choose the French language, the following are now displayed in the interface with that language:

  • All menu items in the left panel
  • Column headers
  • Pop-up dialogue labels, and
  • Notifications.

To change to the French language setting, users have to click on their profile image located on the top right of the screen. From that small window, choose the preferred language setting from the dropdown menu at the bottom part and select French.

Basecamp Data in Selected Language Setting

Likewise, users access their Basecamp data with one-click dynamic connectivity. Users will be able to manage their projects, groups and clients with the powerful views available through Bridge24. Furthermore, French or Spanish native speakers can view all the information in their native language. Thus, communication and collaboration are greatly improved, with less chances of missing or misplaced information. Onboarding for new team members can also get faster as menu items, headers, labels and notifications are understood and appreciated very clearly. Below is a screenshot of a Basecamp account in Spanish.

Users can change to the Spanish language by again going to the top right area and clicking the profile image. After the small window appears, change the language setting at the dropdown menu below by selecting Spanish.

Bridge24 – Powerful and Flexible

Bridge24 is the application that provides the needed features for applications such as Asana, Basecamp, AceProject and Trello. Now, there is a better way than just waiting for sought-after features to be rolled out by these applications. With Bridge24, users automatically can use a Power Grid view that includes filtering and grouping. They also have a Calendar view to see what is in store for that day, or month or view by agenda. It has a Kanban view long before the others have announced theirs. And lastly, they can export filter tasks from any view to an Excel/CSV format. Check out Bridge24 for more information.

Original Post: Asana and Basecamp now offered in Spanish and French through Bridge24

Take me to their Website

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