A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams – 1st edition Book Review

A MANAGER'S GUIDE TO VIRTUAL TEAMSToday, companies are having to adapt to virtual offices as the way to operate their business. Every company needs teamwork to succeed. Whether the team meets in person or virtually, they must be driven to do well. A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams is a book designed to help all managers overcome logistics, and communication gaps which can occur because of virtual offices. The book’s principal goal is to assist managers organize their virtual teams, and hold them accountable .

Book Details

The book is available in English both for the paperback version and the Kindle version. The book is 6.3 x 1.3 x 9.1 inches with 272 pages. Published on August 17, 2011, by AMACOM publishers. ISBN-10: 0814416594; ISBN-13: 978-0814416594


Kindle version costs $ 7.69; paperback version costs $ 21.95, and hardcover cost


Target Audience

This book targets business managers – to help them deal with the realities of modern business. Before the information age, managers dealt with their team’s face to face, but now they have to cope with virtual management. The book also targets business administration students since the current education syllabus does not cover the virtual business topic entirely.

What Customers Say

  • Mark B (Amazon) is a manager, and after his facilitator had recommended the book to him, he enjoyed it, and many sections helped him manage his virtual team and hold them accountable. It made him more attentive, and he was able to get more feedback from stakeholders as well as from his team.
  • Sherri K (Amazon) liked the book’s organization and the style of writing. She found that the book’s philosophical output stretched beyond its business application to personal use.
  • Jeff B (Amazon) thought the book provided the reader with the tools to leverage the new digital world and to take advantage of its business opportunities.
  • Mark O (Amazon) thought the book was made up of repeated applications that did’nt help with the integration of doing business with the digital world.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: created to help managers deal with the challenges that arise while managing virtual teams. The book explains the principals involved when managing virtual teams. As well, tips for creating trust between team members.

Approach: The author uses case scenarios to explain principles as well as tips that are necessary for the application of the principles discussed.

Style: The author uses simple English with little business jargon – making it easy to understand the book.

Why Buy the Book

The world is changing, nowadays it is possible to form a company and employ a team of people who will never meet. This new trend comes with new challenges, and this book provides the manager with the guidelines to help organize the virtual team. It explains important principles such as conflict resolutions, accountability, and forming trust between people who have never met, or may never meet. This book is a road-map for all managers who at some point will manage a virtual team.


Zofi Yael is a virtual management expert with over 20 years of experience. Currently, she works at American Management Association and New York University School of Engineering. She studied at Columbia University in New York. Previously, she worked at JP Morgan. Over the years, she has developed an interest in virtual management. Because of the experience she has amassed, she was able to write a guide for all managers. Interact with her on LinkedIn.

Kindle version costs $ 7.69; paperback version costs $ 21.95, and hardcover cost



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